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A.I.M. Underground Base is the new underground base of A.I.M. that first appeared in Adapting to Change.


the base was built by A.I.M. for an unknown time

the avengers infiltrated the base, they've disguised as A.I.M. agents, the leader of A.I.M., Scientist Supreme developed three green Super-Adaptoids.

Unfortunately Scientist Supreme found the Avengers and saids to the adaptoids to attack the avengers during the fight the adaptoids merged with the creator and became known as the Supreme Adaptoid, the avengers were no match for him until iron man found the weakness.

The avengers attack the adaptoid when they weren't merged with the creator and they have defeated the Supreme Adaptoid then the base started to collapse the avengers used the mass of the adaptoids to stop the base from collapse.

After the Avengers defeated the scientists a broken Ultron appeared from the wreck and absorbed the head of A.I.M.





Season Three: Ultron Revolution[]