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Asgard is the land of the Norse gods and home to Avenger member Thor. It has high buildings and is inhabited by Viking-like Asgardians.


Asgard is the realm of the Asgardians like Thor. It is ruled by Odin. The people there appear more ancient when compared to the people of earth. The Asgardians have a lust for battle, charging at any battle they can get their hands on.

The Asgardians are physically more developed than normal human beings. Their muscle power, strength, tissue density and stamina are far beyond the likes of human beings. Asgardians have the muscle power and stamina to go toe-to-toe with a slightly agitated Hulk briefly. This highly developed muscle tissues also contribute to their weight, being a few times heavier than a normal man. They are even more agile and react faster than a normal human being would. Their bodily tissues, bones, muscles, and skin are also developed to the point where they are impervious to damaging effects of most of Earth's high-tech weaponry. Should their durability fail to protect them, their superhuman metabolism can heal the damage in a few minutes, excluding the regrowth of amputated limbs or external organs. They are also impervious to death by natural causes, earthly diseases, and disorders. Despite this they do age to their elderly years, but at a very slow pace.

Asgardians are capable of using sorcery for a variety of purposes ranging from combat, illusions, and medicinal healing. Their technology is also very advanced, almost indistinguishable from true magic, which made human beings confuse them for Gods in ancient times. They can even use magical enchantments to add permanent enhancements to either themselves or their technologies.