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Blocking is used for to prevent damage and used to discourage the the misbehavior for the reason to block the user. Users can request for a blocking on a user for reasons such as major vandalism. We will research the incident of what happened and block the user.

If the reason for the block is unfair, the blocked user can complain in the talk page, we will decide if you can be unblocked or stay as that to prevent from further happening vandalism.



  • Persistent personal attacks
  • Persistent vandalism
  • Persistent harassment
  • Persistent spamming
  • Persistent adding spoilers
  • Edit warring or revert warring
  • Sockpuppetry
  • Failure to observe policies or guidelines
  • Accounts with inappropriate usernames
  • Editing for the sole purpose of obtaining badges


  • Disagreeing with an administrator; this is conflict of interest
  • "Cooling off" purposes this usually only inflames the situation