Marvel's Avengers Assemble Wiki

The Image policy will show what images can be uploaded and what not.

Image rules[]

The images should be uploaded as jpg, gif or png. The latter would be the most preferable since it won't lose quality.


  • This is still in discussion.


The character picture for the infobox should have the character at the most frontal position you can get, pictures that are in movement should be avoided at all cost.


The images shouldn't be altered and directly taken from the series. Cropping the image is allowed only if the picture you have taken has a lot of empty space and focus on the subject at hand. We don don't accept images that are covered with images and should be avoided.


The quality of the image should be at the up most quality, preferable HD pictures from DVD screen captures. If the quality of a picture is low, it is allowed to be replaced by an image with higher quality.