Marvel's Avengers Assemble Wiki

This wiki despises to put spoilers as information on the site.

What is a spoiler?[]

Spoilers are plot points of the episodes of the show that hasn't aired yet. We as a wiki would like people that would like to see the episode in a whole to avoid the spoilers. Also the problems with spoilers are they aren't seem to be what it is from the truth. With the little information that we can get from a preview and we put it on the wiki, while the actual episode proves to be something else, we like to avoid that as much as possible and that we should have patience when the episode actually airs.

If the user prefers to ignore this and a warning the person will receive they a get a block for a week.


  • The only place allowed to have spoilers are in the blogs where we discuss the episodes.
  • Pictures from later episodes are prohibited from being uploaded.