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The Avengers Mansion was owned by Tony Stark, and formerly served as the Avengers headquarters. The complex was destroyed in an explosion caused by Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K.


Once the Avengers Protocol had effectively re-gathered the Avengers, the reassembled team rendezvoused at the mansion. Once inside, Iron Man disclosed to the team that Captain America had been "killed". Setting aside their differences, the Avengers agreed to avenge their fallen comrade and board a Quinjet, racing towards the HYDRA base in the Arctic.[1]

The mansion came under attack during Red Skull's assault on the Avengers, and was later destroyed when the Skull deliberately tampered with the reactors and set it to explode. The mansion lay in rubble in the aftermath. Nevertheless, the Avengers relocated their base of operations to the Avengers Tower.[2]


The Avengers Mansion was set up in various levels. The lowest level was a boiler room, housing the mansion's reactor, while a number of other lower level spaces had modified rooms for the Avengers' needs. Such rooms below ground were: Tony Stark's "Arsenal" chamber, training room, and more. A portion of the mansion's top floor served as a hangar for the Avengers' Quinjets, their primary mode of transportation.

The interior of the mansion was elegantly decorated and very beautiful. An extended hallway arranged an assembly of eight statues made as a memorial for fallen heroes.


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  • There are eight statues of fallen Avengers, but it is unknown who they were.



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