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Baron Mordo is a sorcerer and an sworn enemy of Doctor Strange.


Early Life[]

He was a former student of the Ancient One until he betrayed his former master and killed him. He came into conflict with Doctor Strange, around this time.

Season 4[]

Baron Mordo allied himself with Hydra. After some Hydra Agents raid a warehouse filled with magical items and steal the Talisman of Kaluu, Captain America and Black Panther track them to a building in Kaluu where they find Baron Mordo working on it. After a brief fight, Mordo escapes as Captain America and Black Panther track him to an island where light and dark magic meet. With help from Shuri, the duo are able to defeat Mordo, who is dragged into another dimension with the portal being closed by a disguised Agamotto who destroys the Talisman of Kaluu.


Powers and Abilities[]


Master Sorcerer: Mordo is an extremely powerful and skilled sorcerer.

  • Superhuman Durability: Baron Mordo has greater durability than a human.
  • Flight/Levitation: Baron Mordo can levitate, float, and fly.
  • Dark Magic: Mordo can manipulate dark magic.
  • Magical Energy Blasts: Forming magical energy bolts with a high degree of potency and control
  • Magical Energy Manipulation:
  • Mystical-Energy Manipulation: Mordo can manipulate dark mystical energy for many magical effects.
  • Force Field: He can erect energy shields or screens with a high degree of invulnerability to both physical and magical damage.
  • Astro Projection:
  • Portal Creation:
  • Illusions: Mordo can cast out real-life illusions.


  • Skilled Martial Artist:





Season 4: Secret Wars[]



  • Baron Mordo is voiced by Phil LaMarr.
  • Mordo is based primarily on his Marvel Cinematic Universe version.


In Other Media[]