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Steven Grant Rogers


Captain America

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The Avengers Protocol, Part 1

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Roger Craig Smith
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Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers is a World War II veteran, superhero, and a member and second leader of the Avengers.

Born in Brooklyn, New York City, the young Rogers had suffered from numerous health problems, and upon America's entry into World War II, was rejected from military service despite several attempts to enlist. Determined to serve, he ultimately volunteered for the top-secret Super Soldier program, and the frail Rogers was then enhanced to the peak of human perfection. Rogers soon joined the war effort, and was given the new moniker of Captain America.


Captain America became a superhero during World War II. During this time, he also formed a antagonistic relationship with Red Skull. The two fought in many battles against each other and even continued their hatred into the modern times.

During a routine day as a hero, Captain America fought Red Skull. While engaging his enemy, he told his longtime adversary that he was sad for him to come back from the dead just to merely be defeated again. However, his enemy soon vaporized him, seemingly killing the hero and causing Iron Man to attack him with blind fury. Though he gave it his all, Iron Man was unable to stop Red Skull, as he teleported away from him with M.O.D.O.K.. This caused Iron Man to reassemble the Avengers and come to attack Red Skull and defeat him. In actuality, Captain America had not been killed, instead being transferred/Kidnapped and taken to the villain's base by the Red skull and having his body switched with Red Skull's diseased one.


Captain America in ice

Though Iron Man arrived, he got Red Skull out of his confinement, believing that he was Captain America as he was in his body. Iron Man would soon be attacked by Red Skull in Captain America's body, causing the body-swapped Captain America to begin helping him.

Though he started to initially fell faint and even told Iron Man that he had felt avenged him, Captain America and Iron Man were able to hold off their aggressor until the other Avengers arrived. As the attacking body-swapped Red Skull told him that their conflict would end now, Captain America grabbed him and told him that he thought he was right, reasoning that he had scratched up his body enough and told Falcon to finish it as he pressed the body-swapping machine main button and caused the two to return to their normal bodies. Upon returning to his, Captain America said it was much better and thanked Falcon before thanking the entire team and would next participate in trying to save Iron Man from M.O.D.O.K., whom used his powers to strip away his arc-reactor and armor and give it to Red Skull.[1]

A meteor began to descend to Earth, the Avengers moving in to stop it from destroying the planet. Captain America assist Hawkeye in wiping out large chunks before Iron Man scanned the "Earth killer", an even larger rock that was coming toward the planet. Captain America watched the combined teamwork of Iron Man, Hulk and Thor as they failed to destroy it, though it was obliterated by Hyperion who revealed himself to the group afterward, Hyperion being pointed out by Black Widow and Captain America quickly deducing that he was not from around there. The group did an examination on Hyperion after this, Hawkeye asking how his aim was and Captain America calling it accurate since he had been able to destroy an entire meteor. After Black Widow questioned if the group had taken the time to consider if he wanted to join the team, Captain America answered that some people hear the call and are compelled to assist.[2]

Captain America intervened in Black Widow and Hawkeye's pursuit of Molecule Kid when the two became stuck in what appeared to be honey, the result of Molecule Kid using his powers to allow him to escape them. He pulled Black Widow out of it and while doing the same for Hawkeye, questioned why she had not let the rest of the team know about the mission. In learning that she had been assigned the mission by Nick Fury with the explicit orders to not tell Iron Man, he questioned if S.H.I.E.L.D. meant more to her than the Avengers, also wondering how the pair could have so much difficulty catching a child and pointing out that he was getting away while the two argued with each other, though he did agree with them that Iron Man should not be told. Captain America tried to convince Molecule Kid off giving up the wand while Black Widow and Hawkeye held of the M.O.D.O.K.-controlled, Super-Adaptoid, attempting to convince Molecule Kid that his wand would be better suited in hands of adults only for Molecule Kid to trap him with the use of a street light. After being freed, he assist in the fight against Super-Adaptoid and was witness to the conversion of the city caused by the split of the wand in half, thanks to Iron Man hitting it after it was taken from him by Molecule Kid following his arrival on the scene. [3]

Personality and Traits

Steve is one of the most worthy beings in the universe. He believes all deserve a second chance, and will easily give up his life to protect the innocent, and protected. Possessing a strong moral code, Steve only fights when necessary, and does not judge anyone, despite their character. He is courageous, and will continue fight even when he knows he cannot win. Steve is a loyal, brave, selfless, and wise man. He is also a good leader.


Iron Man

Steve and Tony seem to have a very good relationship. But is currently strained since A Crack In The System where Tony knew Ultron was and kept it a secret from the other Avengers. When it was revealed at the end of the episode Steve tells him that a real leader doesn't act like the way Tony did, nor did Tony's father. And because of his actions Steve quit the Avengers. In Avengers Disassembled Steve returns but at the end leaves again (along with Black Widow, Falcon, and Hulk) because of the way Tony leads the Avengers. In The Ultron Outbreak, Steve and Tony began to put their differences between each other aside and teamed up to defeat Ultron.


In Blood Feud Dracula bit Black Widow as a messenger for Dracula and that he and Captain America both had a good friendship between each other until Dracula used Black Widow as a slave to tell Captain America that the only way to save Black Widow was for Captain America to sacrifice his life until he found out that he'll be able to kill anyone who stops him. At the end of the episode Red Skull made a deal with Dracula to join him in his Cabal. In The Final Showdown Dracula had no choice but to help Captain America defeat Red Skull.


Captain America and Falcon are good friends in Avengers Protocol Part 1 Sam was not wanting to knockout Captain America but realized that he and Red Skull switched bodies to keep Captain America's. It's been revealed in Ghosts Of The Past that Falcon and Captain America did missions together to save the world and took Captain America's side at the end of Avengers Disassembled. At the beginning of The Ultron Outbreak The Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hulk and Hawkeye attacked Falcon as Ultron while Ant-Man was able to get up close in person and shrunk Falcon to help free him from Ultron's Virus.

Bucky Barnes

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have been best friends since childhood. When Bucky was transformed into the Winter Soldier he felt guilty and felt as if he had failed him.

Black Widow

Captain America and Black widow seem to have a certain level of trust in each other. In "Blood Feud" Rogers expressed great concern when she nearly became a full fledged vampire. As seen in "Adapting to Change" she trusts him enough to recruit him on a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. In " Saving Captain Rogers" she has shown a level of concern for him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The Super Soldier Serum metabolized and permanently enhanced all of Rogers' bodily functions, giving him superhuman physical and mental attributes. The serum completely healed all of his disorders, disabilities, infections and bodily damages within a few minutes upon injection and has a permanent effect on the human biology.
    • Superhuman Strength: Steve possesses a high degree of superhuman strength, though not quite the level of Thor or the Hulk. He has shown to be able to easily overpower other superhuman beings such as Atlanteans (who can lift over 4 tons), Vampires (who possess the strength of a hundred warriors) and even match strength with people far above Spider-Man's level physically. He has supported and lifted tens of tons of concrete, stopped a giant truck from leaning over, briefly slowed down a building from falling on a village, flipped a giant water tank, lifted a fully filled bus by himself, and has fought and kept up with stronger opponents. The serum that gave Steve superhuman mental and physical attributes could possibly get stronger as Steve ages, and he has been able to grapple and push back Thor, as well as many other opponents on the latter's tier. Aside from raw strength, he as shown enough power in his hits to create a massive shock wave, punch through a thick metal wall, and even stun opponents on Hulk's level of resilience. The strength also extends to his legs, allowing to leap tens of meters into the air and hundreds of meters inn a single leap.
    • Superhuman Mobility: Steve can run and move at speeds beyond the peak of human potential, edging into the early levels of superhuman condition. He has even dodged attacks from being with inhuman levels of speed due to his instantaneous reaction time and great dexterity. His reflexes, speed agility are enhanced beyond the natural physical limits of the peak of human potential, allowing him to perform feats of acrobatics and gymnastics with great ease.
    • Superhuman Resilience: Steve's skin, bones, and bone tissues are vastly denser and harder than non-enhanced humans, which makes him incredibly durable. He has survived hundreds to even thousands foot falls, powerful energy blasts, taken gunshots with no more than a cut. He is also highly resilient to fatigue. Steve has taken blows that would fatally injure, or kill a peak human from incredibly superhumanly strong opponents such as Thanos, Super Adaptoid, Hyperion, etc.
    • Advanced Healing Factor: Steve's body is capable of regenerating and repairing itself at an accelerated rate, though it seems unlikely that he can regrow limbs or any missing body parts. This healing factor makes him very difficult to kill, as he can survive many forms of physical trauma, even from beings of superhuman physical attributes.
      • Containment Immunity: Steve's healing factor also renders him nearly immune to all diseases, toxins, and poisons.
      • Advanced Longevity: Captain America's healing factor allows his cells to regenerate at rapid levels, thus allowing him to maintain his youth at an advanced level. This is seen when he managed to handle a blast from the Time Stone.
    • Enhanced Mental Capacity: Steve possesses an advanced intellectual capacity, photographic memory as well as super-fast mental processing rate. He can come up with complex strategies, tactics & fighting styles with extreme ease & can even process most of Iron Man's intellectual sayings.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant/Martial Artist: He is the best hand-to-hand combatant in the Avengers, and he knows the weaknesses of his Avengers teammates fighting styles, and is even aware of his own weaknesses. Steve knows over 50 martial arts and fighting techniques, and masters in each one of them, making him an excellent and nearly unchallenged combatant.
  • Master Strategist: Using his superhuman intelligence, he is able to come up with complex strategies which are too difficult to understand at first. He can even use such an ability to mimic fighting styles and learn opponent's weaknesses.
  • Military Protocols: During his time with the Howling Commandos, he was a master of military tactics & strategies. Even after quitting the Avengers & becoming a top-class agent of S.H.E.I.L.D., he led may covert spec ops missions without any difficulties. He is also one of the few to understand the Red Skulls's extremely complex plans, which revolve around military strategies & his mastery over war tactics.
  • Weapons Proficiency: He is capable of using weapons such as his unique shield, Hawkeye's Bow, and Iron Man's repulsors. It can be assumed he is proficient with military grade weapons among other types of weapons.
  • Expert Vehicular Driver/Rider: Captain America is capable of maneuvering advanced vehicles like the Aven-jet and sky-cycles. As seen in "Downgraded" he is a trained horse rider. In Ultimates he is capable of using his own personal motorcycle for combat purposes.
  • Master Shield Fighter: Rogers is capable of throwing and ricocheting his shield with perfect accuracy. He can also use it for defensive, offensive uses such as melee and ranged purposes.
  • Expert Marksman: Captain Rogers can use weapons such as his shield, Hawkeye's bow and trick arrows, and Iron Man's repulsors with amazing accuracy.
  • Indomitable Will: He has enough willpower to control the Power Prism, with the help of Ant-Man's power amplifier. It took the power of a rare, supposedly fool-proof mind control procedure from the 1940's used by Baron Helmut Zemo, then eventually broke free.
  • Professional Artist: As seen in The New Guy, he is a talented artist while speaking to Hawkeye.




  • This version of Captain America first appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series, having made a cameo in the episode "Great Power", with his first full appearance being in the episode "Not A Toy".
    • This is no longer canon however, due to the third season of Guardians of the Galaxy having retconned Ultimate Spider-Man from this continuity and replaced it with Marvel's Spider-Man.