Captain Marvel
Carol Danvers (Earth-12041) from Marvel Super Hero Adventures Frost Fight
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Caroline Susan Jane Danvers


Major Danvers
Ms. Marvel

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Major / Special Agent / Super-Hero


Officer of United States Air Force


Avengers, U.S. Air Force

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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight

Avengers: Ultron Revolution (Second Appearance)

Voiced by

Grey DeLisle

Carol Danvers was an officer in the United States Air Force who came into contact with the Kree, and exposure to the energies of a Kree weapon infused her with Kree DNA, transforming her into a Human-Kree hybrid and granting the powers of superhuman strength, energy projection, and flight. She became the superhero Ms. Marvel, and later took the name Captain Marvel. She joined the Avengers after the team decides to expand.


Carol Danvers was an officer of the U.S. Air Force who came into contact with the alien race Kree, specifically a member named Mar-Vell. At one point, Carol's DNA was altered by exposure to a Kree weapon, she was empowered with superhuman abilities. She became the superhero Ms. Marvel, before promoting herself to Captain Marvel.

Powers & Abilities


  • Enhanced Physiology: As it was captured by the Kree, Carol was exposed to several scientific experiments that made her half Kree, half human, giving her super powers.
    • Superhuman Strength: Captain Marvel, thanks to her perfectly amalgamated alien Kree/human physiology, is superhumanly strong to an unknown limit. Her strength can be augmented by absorption of various types of energy.
    • Nigh-Invulnerability: Captain Marvel's skin, bones, and tissue are far denser and resistant to damage when compared to an ordinary human. Like her physical strength, Captain Marvel's maximum durability has been compared to Hulk and Thor, who are both incredibly durable themselves. Her durability is increased by the fact that she is able to absorb energy, both by the fact that most energy based attacks are rendered ineffective, and because the absorption of said energy actually increases the amount of damage her body is capable of taking.
    • Superhuman Speed: She is also able to move faster than the likes of Captain America.
    • Flight: She has demonstrated the ability to levitate and fly at high speeds.
    • Energy Manipulation: Carol's altered physiology has endowed her with the ability to naturally harness all forms of energy and to utilize in battle.
      • Energy Absorption: She can absorb energy to a seemingly unlimited degree. She uses these energies to enhance her physical strength & increase her natural healing abilities.
      • Self-Augment Physical Abilities: She can use stored up energy, to further enhance her superhuman strength, stamina, and durability, as well as energy projection powers. The absorbed energy may even accelerates her natural healing process to a certain extent. 
      • Energy Blasts: She can project stored up energy to attack her enemies. However, the angrier she becomes, the stronger the energy is projected. 


  • Aviation: Before becoming a Kree-Human Hybrid, Carol was a pilot of the American Air Force. As one of the Air Force's best pilots, Carol has more ability to fly a ship than any Avenger, even under pressure.
  • Master Combatant: Being a member of the Air Force, Carol had military training in the use of weapons, vehicles and logically combat. In addition, when she was captured by the Kree she was intensively trained by the Kree combat protocol, thus being an experienced fighter.
  • Leadership:When she was transformed into a Kree soldier, Carol from her experience was field commander for Kree's defense team. She was also a former Air Force leader with a great sense of leadership.


  • Captain Marvel Suit: She has her suit inspired in the former Captain Marvel suit, to honor his death.



Season 2

Season 3: Ultron Revolution

Season 4: Secret Wars

Season 5: Black Panther's Quest


  • In the comics, Carol was the first superhero to use the title Ms. Marvel. She is also the second human to become Captain Marvel, which was used by several Kree members.
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