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Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War

"Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War"
Director: Micah Gunnell — Writer: Eugene Son — Aired: January 28, 2017 — File:Icon-Image.png    File:Icon-Video.png    [[Civil War, Part 2: The Mighty Avengers|◄]]    [[Civil War, Part 4: Avengers Revolution|►]]

"Civil War, Part 3: The Drums of War" is the 25th episode of the third season of the series Avengers Assemble.


After being detained, Iron Man works to free the Avengers with help from Black Widow, When the Inhumans are mind-controlled into attacking innocent humans, the Avengers must find a way to override their control and end the war. 

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After The Mighty Avengers, (Captain Marvel, Vision, Red Hulk, Ms. Marvel Ant Man and the Black Panther) Arrested The Avengers who are (Hulk, Iron Man, Falcon, Thor, SongBird, Hawkeye, and Captain America) who got hit by Thor's hammer, Mjolnir by Vision who had the power to lift it throw it at Cap which they highly felt bad but still had orders and took Cap to a medic and took all the avengers to jail. As the episode started, underwater was the prison. Hulk tried punching the walls but got tired and fell to the ground and songbird revealed that the cells were made to reduce their powers which Thor couldn't summon his hammer because of that. Hawkeye set up and distraction by revealing the Avengers are cursed while tried to cut the wires until the security system noticed and shocked him and Falcon who were both touching the wall. Iron man in a room by himself was eating the worst food I've ever seen. Truman Marsh came to Stark's cell and mocked him and said "Consider it payback" Stark (without his suit) managed to break free with his other reactor and he was about to find the avengers till he had to run away from the guards and then got caught with more of them. After Stark was avoiding them he almost got caught until Black Widow who was wearing a guardsman's suit helped him. She brought backup with her witch managed to be Black Bolt and Medusa and Medusa and Black Bolt feel awful about the inhumans and "Will do anything to set things right at any cost" Black Widow already freed the others and Hulk gave Iron man his suit and Iron man wanted a hug from hulk but remembered that hugs make him angry. Thor, Black Bolt, Medusa, Iron Man, Falcon, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow and Songbird all made their way to check on Captain America who was still hurt lying down on the bed. Robots came inside the room and after a fight of Hulk getting his butt kicked and kicked in the face 10 times in a row and kicked to a wall they got them one at a time. They then noticed that about 15 more were coming. Caption america got up and told black bolt to tell them what they wanted to hear. They all closed their ears and Black Bolt said "Done" Which destroyed all the robots. On the plane Falcon noticed the registration disks had a radio range contact sent all across the world as they said that Black Bolt and Medusa's eyes turned red. Hulk was confused and Black Bolt all of the sudden yelled "DESTROOOY!!!!!" Which exploded the plane. They landed and noticed the signal was coming from their necks and they were under mind control. As they were fighting Black Bolt hit CA (Caption America) and hit Thor who still didn't have his hammer who couldn't fly or properly fight. Hulk ran right to Black Bolt but before he could hit him, Black Bolt yelled "STOP!!!" Hulk said "UGNNNH!!!!" and Thor had his hammer finally and used his Asgardian Lightning to shoot at the disk before Black Bolt finished off Hulk. Thor then hit Medusa, freeing them of mind control from the registration disks. Iron man put a hologram up and Friday said that inhumans who are now mind controlled are now attacking humans making it a inhuman war. Iron man then put a hologram of the Mighty Avengers who arrested the Avengers. They agreed to help each other and revealed Truman ordered Ms.Marvel to register so they aren't working for Marsh now and are on the same side again. They ran to help what was going on. Black Bolt had a thought to do something and Medusa urged him not to. Hawkeye, Widow, Thor and Songbird battled the Inhumans on the streets of NYC. While Stark and Ant-Man worked on finding a way to deactivate the Disks while Red Hulk, Vision, Black Panther and Captain Marvel saw Ms.Marvel with her being mind controlled heading right for them. Captain America, Black Bolt, Medusa and Falcon were trying to find Marsh in Avengers tower but the room was activated to blow and they all got out safely as they realized, what the heck was Marsh doing? Black Bolt was at a breaking point and flew to where he wanted to and Medusa ran after him begging him to not do "This". As the Mighty Avengers was battling Ms.Marvel, She surprisingly got the best of all of them and grabbed Caption Marvel and threw her to the ground, locking her with her big hand. Now back to Iron Man and Ant-Man, Ant-Man made Iron Man tiny and they both were tiny and went INSIDE the disk to get a reading on how to stop the disks. But then robot defenses came out of a door that opened and Iron Man was over confident as he got shot and he went unconscious and the robots cornered them and they all were about to fire as Ant-Man grabbed Iron Man and got out of there and the disk was ruined and was releasing smoke. Ant-Man thankfully got a partial scan to read through it and stop this madness. Black Bolt made it to his goal and he was powering up a big spooky machine. CA and Falcon came and questioned Black Bold and Medusa on the machine and it was revealed that the machine was never perfected the goal was to allow the inhumans to return to a human state but since there was a flaw, instead of doing so it would basically turn the inhumans off, killing them. Black Bolt turned his body to the machine to do it but Medusa reminded him that everyone would die, his family, Lockjaw, Black Bolt himself and Medusa too. Captain America told him that there's still hope and we will find another way and that machine is dangerous and he was urging him not to use it. Black Bolt then looked down and looked at the machine and shot his laser at it, destroying the machine.Caption Marvel and Ms.Marvel were having a 1v1 duel and Ms.Marvel grabbed Caption Marvel to the ground and Caption Marvel restrained her to the ground. She broke free but Vision hit her to the ground and they all restrained her from moving. My favorite line in this episode other than the final part with Truman, is when Vision said "At this close range I may be able to super heat the disks internal component, Should I try or?" Marvel yelled "VISION!!" Vision slightly closed his eyes in stress and said "I will take that as a yes." Vision used his stone to get the disk off Ms.Marvel's Neck, freeing her. Black Widow, Songbird, Thor and Hawkeye got a few inhumans as Iron man and Ant-Man were struggling to find the disks weak point until they finally found it! Iron Man informed everyone to retreat to Avenger's Tower. "Red Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Bolt, Vision, Falcon, Medusa, Black Widow, Captain America, Black Panther, Ms.Marvel, Captain Marvel, Songbird, Thor and Hulk were together and made it to Avenger's Tower, CA informed Ms.Marvel that he was glad to see her back. Iron Man came and Ant-Man made it too and ordered them to follow him until there was sudden clapping. Truman Marsh was there standing in their way and said "You were all very clever... But if you think your going to deactivate my registration disks, your wrong..." Hulk said "Marsh! I call first dibs on smashing his face!" Caption Marvel said "I call second!" Hawkeye said "Are you trying to threaten the Avengers?" as he was showing off how many their were he continued, "Were earth's mightiest heroes, your just a diluted old man in a bad suit!" Truman smiled and said "Still Wrong!" He started to turn gray and started to form into.... ULTRON!!!!! Thor Gasped and in fear he said "ULTRON!?" as Caption Marvel was about to barf. Everyone was freaking out in fear. Ultron said "Surprised to see me!? Well it all starts to make sense DOESN'T IT!? Not that it matters NOW!" His hands turned orange and Avengers tower split into pieces and started to form something in the shadows of the dust. Everyone looked up in fear, even red hulk and hulk. He continued "I have been Binding my time! Letting you think YOU'VE won! Studying your EVERY MOVE! Watching you do exactly everything I've wanted" Then huge robots formed and turned on with red lights. The Avengers still looked like they were about to have a heart attack. Ultron said "I'd hoped inhumans and humans would annihilate each other for me. But if I want a job done right..." He walked on the robot and the robot lifted ultron in the air and he continued, "Then I'll have to do it myself. NOW I NEW WORLD ORDER! THE ULTRON REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!" The avengers were still shocked in fear then the scream says "To be Continued"



  • Ultron returns.