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Doctor Doom is the monarch of Latveria. He is an enemy of the Avengers and the archenemy of the Fantastic Four.


Victor Von Doom was born to a group of Latvian gypsys who were Romani pagans. With a thirst of knowledge, he educated himself vigorously. He eventually took over the nation of Latveria and became it's absolute monarch as Doctor Doom and has fought against the Fantastic Four many times. He was also among the select villains to receive an invitation into Iron Skull's Cabal, a joint effort between supervillains to destroy the Avengers.[1]

Doom recovered Ulik's weapon Codgel after a fight with the Avengers. The team tracked the weapons energy signature to the Latverian Embassy and battled Doom and his Doombots. Doctor Doom, with a little modification, used the weapon to release the Midgard Serpent with hopes of using it to conquer the globe. After a battle with the Avengers, he and the creature were banished to the Realm Below using the extra-dimensional portal used by Ulik.[2]

Traveling through the Nine Realms, Doom reached Nidavellir, realm of the dwarves. Here, he not only managed to tame the Midgard Serpent, but somehow managed to attain remote control of the Destroyer. He used it to defend Latveria against HYDRA and A.I.M. However, it increased his aggression to the point where he did not care who or what he was destroying. His threat was so great that Thor had to summon Loki for help. The two Asgardians, along with Captain America and Falcon, fought trolls, but the tamed Midgard Serpent. On Earth, Iron Man managed to break Doom's control by showing him he was destroying the country he wanted to protect. Doom then gave up control of both the Serpent and the Destroyer. He returned to Latveria and calmly went inside his castle, warning the Avengers that they had bigger problems.

Unlike the others, it is revealed that Doom denied the invitation, so Red Skull claimed war on his head. He called for Captain America's help, but as a package deal, he received the Avengers. While trying to protect Doom, although still skeptical, the avengers engaged with the Cabal. To at least some trust points, Doom saved Captain America from Hyperion.


Doom constantly wears his armor to hide his disfigured face.


Doom is an incredibly proud and arrogant man, unwilling to work with anyone whom he considers beneath him or those he deems are too insane, such as the Red Skull. However, he is also extremely protective of his lands, and according to Black Widow, he would do whatever it takes to defend Latveria.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Magical Power: Doctor Doom is a powerful and highly skilled sorcerer and is capable of many magical feats.
  • Psionics: To be added
  • Mystical Blasts: To be added
  • Teleportation: To be added
  • Dimensional Travel: To be added
  • Mystical Force-Fields: To be added
  • Invoke Entities: To be added
  • Spell Casting: To be added
  • Summoning: To be added
  • Mystical Ensnaring: To be added
  • Mystical Portals: To be added


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Doctor Doom is a polymath, scientist, and inventor who possesses genius-level intellect.
  • Political Connections: As monarch of Latveria, Doctor Doom has access to technological and military hardware. He also has command of conventional military forces.
  • Master Martial Artist: To be added
  • Indomitable Will: Doom has a remarkably strong will. 
  • Master Swordsman: To be added

Former Abilities[]

  • Diplomatic Immunity: As the leader of a sovereign nation, Doctor Doom often visits the United States or the United Nations for political reasons. He enjoys diplomatic immunity during these trips, and his embassy is considered foreign soil. He has even been escorted by Captain America himself. However, despite this, he has lost his diplomatic immunity twice. Once because he fired a mission into a New York City street in order to kill Spider-Man with it. The second time was when he stole Tony Stark's tech in order to get information on the Cabal and Red Skull, and as a result, he violated international laws when he left America with the stolen technology and returned to Latveria with it.


  • Ego: To be added



  • Doctor Doom's Armor: Doctor Doom wears a technologically advanced suit of power armor that augments his natural physical strength and durability to superhuman levels and has an arsenal of high-tech weaponry and gadgets integrated within it.
    • Superhuman Strength: To be added
    • Near-Indestructibility:
    • Force Field: To be added


  • Flight via (Jet Rocket Boots): To be added


  • Laser Gauntlets:
  • Atomic/Nuclear Energy Manipulation:
  • Energy Blasts:
  • Electric Shock:


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Season 2[]


Background Information[]

  • In the comics, Doctor Doom is known as the arch-enemy of the Fantastic Four. Born into a tribe of Latverian Romani pagans, he used his intellect and ruthlessness to escape and take over Latveria. His own diplomatic immunity protects from international law and allows to conduct all his criminal activities. Recently, he formed the Cabal, consisting of Emma Frost, Loki, and the Green Goblin, unaware of their plot to kill him.
  • This is Doctor Doom's 12th animated appearance. He previously appeared in The Marvel Super Heroes, Fantastic Four, The New Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four (an unrelated series to the prior), The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man (again unrelated), Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, The Super Hero Squad Show, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Ultimate Spider-Man.


  • This version of Doctor Doom first appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series episode "Doomed."
  • Doctor Doom does not appear after season 1.

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