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Hawkeye's Bow and Trick Arrows are the main weapons of the archer of the Avengers.


These devices are the primal weapons for Hawkeye. His bow can contract into a carry-size that attaches to the quiver and extend when needed. His bow and quiver work in unison for his arrow tactics. With a control panel mounted on the handle of the bow, Hawkeye can program in one of various tools to be located at the bottom of the quiver to be attached to the head his arrows. In Under Siege, it was revealed that Hawkeye makes them all.

List of Arrows

  • Rasor Tipped Arrow - This tool is a basic bladed arrow that can shatter through glass or cut through steel. 
  • Explosive Arrow - Hawkeye's trademark tactic, this one when the target is reached, it emits an explosive charge at an unknown scale.
    • Grappling Hook Arrow
    • Knockout Arrow
    Sonic Disruption Arrow 
    - emits a sonic screech when in midair that can easily disrput a person's ears.
  • Ensnarement Arrow - emitts a unbreakable net that can hold almost anything in place. 
  • Gas Arrow - explodes a foggy gas that creates a smokescreen.
  • Capture Arrow - releases a high density foam that hardens while also encompassing and incapacitating its target.
  • Force Impact "Knockout" Arrow - encompasses a large amount of pressurized air to allow an impact "punching"-like event that can literally knock a person out.
  • Flash Arrow - geneates a bright light when on impact to temporarily visually impare its target
  • Electrical Charge Arrow - Generates high amounts of electricity to elctrocute its target or overcharge any mechanical device.
  • Zip-Line Arrow - When released, a long range cable line emitts in mid-air to create a zip-line.
  • Grappling Hook Arrow - utilizes a cable extension to allow for a short distance travel by swinging from one place to another.
  • Disintigration Acid Arrow - Emitts a chemical compound to disintigrate any inorganic object it reaches. 
  • Multi-Targeting "Jericho" Arrow - Named after Tony Stark's "Jericho" Missile, this arrow can explode in mid-air and emit multiple miniature spikes that can attack multiple objects at once (i.e. - missiles, armed soldiers, etc.)
  • "Anti-Iron Man" Arrow - designed by Tony Stark himself, this arrow can take out Iron Man's armor at any time in case he turns to the dark side. How this arrow works when used is not currently known.

Known Users