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Hydra is a terrorist organization originally founded by the Red Skull during World War II as a super-science division of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. It has survived to the present day, using advanced technology in pursuit of world domination.


Hydra was founded by Johann Schmidt, aka the Red Skull, in World War II as a scientific sub-division of the Nazis. After Schmidt was transformed into the Red Skull, he made Hydra into a global terrorist organization and sought to gain supreme power. Hydra would later encounter Captain America, who became their greatest enemy (and vice versa). Other scientists became part of the terrorist organization, such as Baron Heinrich Zemo and Arnim Zola, both of whom were leaders, and became super-villains in their own right. Sometime later, after seemingly dying, Captain America's partner Bucky Barnes was found and abducted by Red Skull and Hydra and was brainwashed and physically enhanced, thereby turning him into the master assassin, the Winter Soldier. After World War II, Red Skull, Zola, and Zemo vanished, all presumed dead, while Hydra went underground and waited while new members were being recruited, including the assassin Crossbones, who later resigned. Hydra resurfaced in modern times and had multiple encounters with the superhero team, the Avengers, of whom Captain America was a part of.

One day, the Red Skull mysteriously appeared after several years of having been believed dead, reasons being unknown (it is revealed he has either been resurrected or freed from suspended animation by Thanos). He quickly re-assumed leadership of Hydra and recruited fellow super-villain M.O.D.O.K., leader of the fellow terrorist organization A.I.M. After a plot to capture Captain America and mind-swap him with Red Skull failed, MODOK stole Iron Man's armor and outfitted it onto Red Skull, who redesigned it into the Iron Skull armor. Red Skull later sent out a message to several other supervillains in order to found a team of his own, the Cabal. The villains who accepted and joined the team were Dracula, Attuma, and later on Hyperion. The Cabal and Hydra worked side-by-side against the Avengers until Red Skull obtained the Tesseract and became the Cosmic Skull, betraying the Cabal and Hydra as a result. After Skull was defeated and the Cabal disbanded, Hydra as an organization was left effectively leaderless once again.

Hydra would have run-ins with the Avengers from time to time, but the Skull never returned to regain leadership. Eventually, Arnim Zola, whose offline robotic body had been aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Tri-Carrier, had been accidentally reawakened by Spider-Man and Iron Spider (Amadeus Cho). Zola scoped out and found Hyrda's remaining forces, and he became Hydra's new leader. Later, Zola and the supervillain Doctor Octopus formed an alliance and took over the Tri-Carrier.

Meanwhile, Baron Helmut Zemo, son of the late Heinrich Zemo, would continue his father's legacy and begin leading his own faction of Hydra. He hypnotized Captain America into reliving his original mission at Zemo Castle, eventually finding his father's hidden laboratory, finding a vile of pure Super Soldier Serum, and injecting himself, turning Zemo into a new Super Soldier.

Due to the actions of Spider-Man and his Web-Warriors, Hydra's numbers have been significantly reduced, with Zola being destroyed. After Zola was defeated, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker took over the remains of Hydra.







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  • The Hydra Soldiers resembled their Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts.
  • The name 'Hydra' alludes to the mythical creature in Greek Mythology of the same name, and it has the power to regrow heads when one head is chopped off. Hence their motto: "Cut off one head and two more shall take its place."


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