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Hyperion is an alien superhero, second-in-command of the Squadron Supreme, and a former member of the Cabal.


Early Life[]

Hyperion is a superhero from an alien world where he, along with his team, ruled with an iron fist. When the people rejected their rule, the Squadron Supreme forced Doctor Spectrum to destroy their planet. At some point, the Squadron Supreme separated, and Hyperion began his search for a new planet he could "save".

Coming to Earth[]

Hyperion arrived on Earth as it was threatened by a giant meteor (implied to be the remains of Hyperion's planet. Although the Avengers were able to stop most of the asteroids, Hyperion destroyed the largest one, an "earth-killer," making him the day's hero and even earning the admiration of J. Jonah Jameson. Not long after, Hyperion invited the Avengers, who had taken an interest in the new hero, to his Citadel, where he shared with them his "tragic" story. However, the Avengers soon saw through his lies and became worried about Hyperion's extreme ways after witnessing him deal with the Wrecker. Although Hyperion was a worthy foe, the Avengers were able to take the rogue hero down and imprison him in a place where he could never break out.


Some time later, S.H.I.E.L.D. was keeping Hyperion contained on the Tri-Carrier. Interested in his abilities, the Red Skull and his Cabal freed him from his prison and asked him to join them. Hyperion, wanting to get revenge on the Avengers for trapping him in the first place, accepts the offer. Hyperion serves as a member of the Cabal and aids the Red Skull while having the chance to take revenge on the Avengers. He is saved by Iron Man when he is almost killed by Red Skull's trap. Hyperion and the other Cabal members aid the Avengers in defeating Red Skull.


It was revealed that Hyperion's team didn't perish when Nighthawk appeared on Earth. Nighthawk has mentioned knowing of Hyperion's time with the Cabal and considering him the "hammer" of the group. At the end of the episode, Hyperion appears on the Tri-carrier and frees Nighthawk with the intent to reform their group.

Rewriting reality[]

Using the Reality Gem, Doctor Spectrum alters reality, so the Avengers are all criminals, and the Avengers Tower is the headquarters of the Squadron. Due to a spike in energy, Iron Man sees the real reality and manages to convince his team to come together. However, Spectrum has created a machine that will give him complete control over reality and plans to alter history so the Avengers are never born. Captain America is able to get a hold of the stone and revert reality back to normal. The Squadron leaves with Nighthawk activating charges placed at the base of the Avengers tower. The Avengers manage to prevent the structure from falling onto New York in time for J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the repair systems.

Terminal Velocity[]

While Speed Demon put a belt on Hulk, which not only gave the Green Goliath super speed but also turned him into a bomb, Hyperion kept the rest of the Avengers busy.


While the team of Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, and Hulk were on the Citadel, they found a holographic recording of some security footage. In it, we learn Bill, better known as Dr. Spectrum, was the only member of the Squadron against destroying their homeworld. However, both Hyperion and Nighthawk forced him to reveal the Power Prism, which ultimately reduced the planet to debris.

Midgard Crisis[]

Thor is convinced that Power Princess wants to defect from Squadron Supreme, but Hulk knows better and must protect Thor from Power Princess's duplicitous ways.

Avengers' Second To Last Stand[]

The Avengers are challenged by the fully formed and incredibly powerful Squadron Supreme for a battle that will end with only one team as the victor.

Avengers Underground[]

Believing they had bested the Avengers, each member of the Squadron took a part of the world where they wouldn't have to see one another. While ruling England, Hyperion was weakened by Captain America using the power prism, turning the sun blue. In doing so, she allowed Black Widow to effortlessly beat him. However, Nighthawk revealed he only revived Nuke to supercharge Hyperion, giving him more strength than ever. Hyperion then headed down to the center of the Earth in order to destroy it, believing the planet wasn't worthy of their rule. While Iron Man dealt with Nighthawk, the other Avengers fought Hyperion with Ant-Man's use of underground insects to great effect. It was mentioned that all members of the Squadron were locked up in the Vault.


During his early scenes in his debut episode, Hyperion seems to look like a man who wants to help the Avengers and wants to help restore some peace and order to Earth, something he failed to do to his planet. But it turns out, Hyperion was consumed by his power, his desire to become the greatest hero in existence; thus, he is classified as a villain and is arrested by SHIELD. His true colors came out after he hurt some of the Avengers during a fight against the Wrecker. Even a young boy called him out for hurting Hulk and Falcon.

He still retains his hypocritical side as a Squadron Supreme member. In an alternate reality (thanks to the Reality Stone), the Avengers have become supervillains in dark costumes while his team has become heroes. Hyperion is still blinded by his infinite power and his fame-hungry desires.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Argoan Physiology: Being a native of the planet Argo, Hyperion's physiology grants him unique physical powers on the planet Earth. These powers are due to the radiation of Earth's yellow sun and the weaker gravity of the planet he now lives upon.
    • Solar Energy Absorption: Hyperion's natural biology enables him to soak up ultraviolet radiation and store it in his body. This makes him similar to that of a solar battery.
    • Invulnerability: Hyperion's dense molecular structure makes him virtually impervious. This means he cannot feel pain and his body is unharmed by virtually anything. This also makes him immune to all known human ailments as well as toxins and poisons. This also gives him the ability to move about in space without even having to breathe.
    • Superhuman Healing: Though virtually indestructible, whenever Hyperion sustains injury, his healing factor makes him able to regenerate within mere moments.
      • Longevity: Hyperion's healing factor halts his aging, at his prime. The Man of Steel is ageless.
      • Self-Sustenance: Hyperion does not need air, water, food, or sleep to survive.
    • Superhuman Strength: Hyperion has the ability to lift an incalculable amount of weight over his head with ease. This is due to the fact that his body is denser than an average human, making him able to lift several tons without breaking a sweat.
    • Superhuman Speed: Hyperion can move at super and possibly hyper-sonic speeds. This power also enables him to have reflexes too fast for a human eye to comprehend.
    • Superhuman Hearing: Hyperion's hearing is so great, he can hear anything and everything from distances he's not even presently located. He is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact, enabling him to perceive his surroundings as precisely as normal sight.
    • Superhuman Vision: Hyperion's eyes give him a variety of optical-based powers. This ability gives him the power to see in the electromagnetic spectrum, see things from a great distance, see things at the microscopic level, and his most famous, X-ray vision.
    • Super-Breath: Hyperion's respiratory system gives him the ability to intake more air than a human, then expel it with the power of a hurricane. He can also use this same power to freeze objects as well.
    • Heat Vision: One of Hyperion's most powerful abilities is the ability to generate and emit powerful beams of energy from his eyes.
    • Flight: A power that has made Hyperion famous is his ability to defy the laws of gravity. This is of course thanks to his dense molecular structure as well as the gravitational pull of the Earth which is weak by his standards.


  • Argonite: Though he is virtually indestructible, Hyperion's most infamous weakness is Argonite. This substance hails from his home world and it drains him of his powers. Prolonged exposure will possibly even kill him.
  • Blue Sun Radiation: Despite being under a yellow sun for most of his life, the natural sun of the Argoan people was in fact a blue sun. If Hyperion is exposed to radiation from a blue sun, he has no powers at all so long he is exposed. Upon exposure to a yellow sun, his powers will return.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 4: Secret Wars[]


  • Hyperion was created as an evil version and imitation of DC Comics' Superman, while Superman is a good superhero.
  • In Marvel Comics, he was good and was friends with Nighthawk; he was in a relationship with Zarda, and he did not come from an alien world; he came from Earth-712, which was based on the DC Universe.
  • Hyperion's voice actor Brian Bloom has previously portrayed Ultraman, an evil version of Superman, in the film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. He also voiced Captain America in the previous series, Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes.
  • Hyperion is the first Squadron Supreme member to appear in the show.