Justin Hammer
Justin Hammer
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Justin Hammer

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Alive (Incarcerated)




Adaptoid (Stolen By Ultron) Drill (Destroyed) Battle Suit Armor (Destroyed) Hammer 3000 (Destroyed)

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CEO of Hammer Industries

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Super Adaptoid

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Jason Spisak

Justin Hammer is the CEO of Hammer Industries and a rival of Tony Stark.


Super Adaptoid

He created the Super-Adaptoid to successfully impress Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. by testing it on the Avengers. The Avengers managed to find a way to destroy it. Displeased at what happened, Red Skull tells M.O.D.O.K. that Justin Hammer has failed the audition while Super-Adaptoid has passed the audition.


Hammer leads a mining operation in the Savage Land to harvest its vibranium so that he can get into the Cabal. He uses mind-controlled velociraptors with lasers on them to capture Captain America, Hawkeye, and Falcon when they stumble onto his operation. Hammer reports their capture to Red Skull who wants Justin Hammer to have Tony Stark captured as well if he wants to gain a position as Red Skull's right-hand man. With the help of a tribe of pacifist Rock People, Stark was able to free his teammates and stop the mining operation. When Red Skull calls Hammer during the attack, Hammer states that this was a minor setback. Red Skull states to Hammer that Hammer has failed him and that their next meeting will be an unpleasant one. Hammer then uses his Hammer Buster 3000 laser to attack the Avengers until Stark removes the charger from the laser.


Justin Hammer's lab containing the proto-weapons is raided by M.O.D.O.K. (who is controlling Super-Adaptoid) and A.I.M. as the Avengers face off against Super-Adaptoid. Following the battle, A.I.M. retreats with some of the proto-weapons and Hammer asks the Avengers who will be paying for the damages.

Crack in the System

A Crack in the System

Ultron takes control of the Dreadnoughts at a Hammer Industries facility while making an experimental battle armor form around Justin Hammer. After the Dreadnoughts are destroyed, Justin Hammer is removed from the armor as he vows that Tony Stark will be hearing from his Board of Directors while threatening to buy Stark Industries.

The Thunderbolts

After a fight with The Thunderbolts and The Avengers Tony Stark scanned an found out that Justin Hammer was up to no good with Stark Technology. Tony Stark and Falcon both worked with The Thunderbolts and that he and Gabby Talbot were both found out that she made a deal with Justin Hammer and how to defeat The Thunderbolts and The Avengers, The Thunderbolts and Avengers both defeat Justin Hammer and was taken to police custody by The Avengers and Thunderbolts off-screen.

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  • This version of Justin Hammer partly based from his movie version.