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'Avengers Assemble creators want to film their new movie in Bramle'[]

Aliens are going to be crash landing on farmland in Bramley, but only if they get permission from the borough council beforehand.

Waverley Borough Council planners will decide whether the village will get a close encounter of the third kind, as a production company is seeking to shoot a new Hollywood blockbuster at Tilsey Farmhouse, on Horsham Road.

The applicant, Infinity Works Productions UK Limited, behind the movie from comic book giants Marvel, called Guardians of the Galaxy, wants to use the land to form a crater to simulate the scene of an "alien spaceship crash."

Whether or not villagers will see the day that Bramley stood still to welcome the extra-terrestrial lies in the hands of the borough council, but so far there have been no objections against the deep space visitors.

In an application statement from the project’s agents, Planit Consulting, based in Godalming, it states: “In summary, the proposal involves the preparation of land for the creation of a film set."

“The works will involve soil removal to create the impression of an ‘alien spaceship crash.'"

“This field is formed of a natural slope which is bordered on two sides by woodland."

“This ‘natural bowl’ feature has informed the decision to film in this area of the property as it creates an appropriate backdrop to the proposed ‘crash scene.' The film set will be formed through the excavation of the soil to form an elongated ‘crater.'

“It is planned that all soil removed will be used to form the ‘crash site’ and leveled on completion of the works.”

It is proposed that filming will only take place on one day in August, but the preparation works and restoration of the land will cover six weeks in total, with the company hoping to start work at the end of the month.

The plans state that the crash site area will be 75 meters by 75 meters, with a depth of 0.5 meters to 1.75 meters.

Special effects will be used to simulate the crash, with plans to use pyrotechnics, black and white smoke and a wind machine.

The application also highlights potential benefits for the area, claiming: “The filming will bring publicity to Waverley borough which will have spin-off economic benefits."

“During the period of construction and filming the staff and the production company will use local facilities and services."

“This will bring a boost to the local economy and may provide local employment."

“In terms of scale and appearance of the film set, there will be very little visible on the ground except for the minor excavation works."

“As such there will be a minimal impact upon the character of the surrounding countryside.”

The new film from Marvel has been hailed as ‘Phase Two,' with the initial ‘Phase’ ending with last summer’s box office hit Avengers Assemble. Guardians of the Galaxy will set up the Avengers sequel, while linking the new silver screen outings of superheroes Thor, Iron Man and Captain America.

The release date has been set for August 2014, and the cast includes Benicio Del Toro, Zoe Saldana and John C Reilly.