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Madame Masque is a former Hydra scientist and member of the Shadow Council, and an enemy of Iron Man.


During the events of the Ultron Revolution, the Avengers infiltrated the HYDRA base she worked at and arrested her. Frost reveals her work in abducting vampires to use their blood as a possible super soldier serum, leading to the organization being targeted by King Dracula. Hawkeye spends the rest of the episode protecting Frost from Dracula and working together with Crimson Widow and Crossbones along the way. During their run, they form a close friendship and Hawkeye offers to reform her with help from S.H.I.E.L.D.

Frost returns in Season 5 as a villain, however, when she discovers a piece of Wakandan technology in a ship that enables technopathic powers, and she becomes lost in an accident, leading to Black Panther being blamed and despised by Hawkeye. She has survived, however, and been recruited into the Shadow Council to take over Wakanda. In the last episode of the season, after Killmonger has been arrested, she attacks both HYDRA and the Avengers, hoping to seize their technology. However, Hawkeye reaches out to her before she dies trying to save his life, not before saying her goodbyes.


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Powers and Abilities[]


  • Technokinesis: To be added
  • Technopathy: To be added


  • Genius Level Intelligence: To be added
  • Master Engineer : To be added


  • Paranoia: To be added



  • The Golden Control Mask: The mask connects her mind to any technology and forces to manipulate at will, mostly to use metal tentacles to attack or restrain opponents, block attacks, carry herself, or wrap around others to shield herself and others. She can also project waves of energy and perform calculations in her mind like a computer with a mask. When she learns more about her mask, she gains greater power over technology and knows how to heal others, using these new powers to overwhelm both Hydra's and the Avengers' teams and fix Hawkeye's hands.


  • Yemandi's Cutter: The ship is the source of the mask's power and is a part of Madame Masque.


  • Tentacles:

Episode Appearances[]

Season 4: Secret Wars[]

Season 5: Black Panther's Quest[]


  • Madame Masque is voiced by Wynn Everett.
  • Madame Masque is the final antagonist of Avengers Assemble.
  • Alongside Aaron Reece, she is one of the few antagonists to reform.
  • Frost is close friends with and a possible love interest for Hawkeye, however, they have very few interactions on screen before she is eventually corrupted.