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The Iron Man Mark 50 Armor is the fiftieth Iron Man Armor created. This armor works as a prototype for a modular operation system. According to Tony, it is supposed to be more efficient and powerful than any of his other armor models combined.

It was the current armor Tony Stark uses in most of the series, however, it was destroyed by Red Skull in the episode "Exodus". In "The Final Showdown", Cosmic Skull loses the Mark 49 Armor he stole from Tony earlier, and Tony regains the whole armor except for the helmet, which is never recovered.


After the previous Iron Man Armor was hijacked and taken by the Red Skull, Stark ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to bring out the Mark 50 despite the A.I.'s protests of using the prototype armor.

Though it is malfunctioning a little, Tony manages to stabilize it.






Physical Capabilities/Enhancements

  • Super Strength: The suit's energy motors allow Iron Man to lift and carry weights up to 100 tons without any sense of strain.
  • Invulnerability/Enhanced Durability: The armor's metallic armor and built-in impact shock absorbers allow resistance against heavy arms fire and energy attacks.
  • Transportation:
    • Flight:There are special repulsor ports on the soles of the armor's boots and backpack to allow flight at high levels at speeds reaching up to Mach 5.
  • Weaponry: The armor has a vast array of offensive weaponry at its command.
    • Repulsors: Focused energy blasts are emitted from the palms and can repel or disintegrate almost solid objects.
    • Uni-Beam: A more powerful version of the Repulsors emitted from the Arc Reactor itself. It can destroy nearly anything in its path.
    • EMP Blasters: Focused generations of EM energy in a pulse-like form.
    • Shoulder/Back-Mounted Missile Launchers: Can fire multiple missile rockets at long ranges, which could demolish a tank.
  • Other Implements/Capabilities:
    • Holographic H.U.D.
    • S.P.E. Software System
    • Comm. Systems
    • Computer Hacking Systems
    • Autonomic Prehensile Propulsion System
    • Hologram Projectors
    • Manual System Overrides
    • Electrostatic Exo-Charges
    • Air Filter Purifier 
    • Energy Pulses


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