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The Iron Man Mark 49 Armor, is the forty-ninth Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark. It was one of Tony's most powerful Iron Man Armors in his possession until it was stolen from him by the Red Skull and modified by MODOK. However, after the Red Skull betrayed the Cabal and attempted to destroy his former teammates, M.O.D.O.K. took the armor from him and modified it again, returning it to its original version. It's now back in Tony's possession again.




  • Physical Capabilities/Enhancements
    • Super Strength: The suit's energy motors allow Iron Man or Red Skull to lift and carry weights up to 100 tons without any sense of strain.
    • Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability: The armor's metallic armor and built-in impact shock absorbers allow resistance against heavy arms fire and energy attacks.
  • Transportation
    • Flight: There are special repulsor ports on the soles of the armor's boots and backpack to allow flight at high levels at speeds reaching up to Mach 5.
  • Weaponry: The armor has a vast array of offensive weaponry at its command.
    • Repulsor Rays: focused energy blasts emitted from the palms and can repel or disintegrate almost anything.
    • Uni-Beam: a more powerful version of the Repulsors emitted from the chestplate.
    • Laser Bolt Blasters: focused laser pulse beams emitted through the underhand of the gauntlet designed and added to the armor by MODOK.
    • Multi-Mounted Missile Launchers: The armor contains a large array of highly explosive missiles located throughout the suit.
  • Other Implements/Capabilities
    • Hologram Projectors
    • Comm. Systems
    • Stark Pre-Play Software System



In every episode featuring Iron Man and Red Skull.




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