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Meteorokinesis is the power to control the weather, i.e., climate patterns, create rain, wind, thunder, lightning, snow, fog, changes in temperature, and more. This power even allows for the ability to generate various natural phenomena or control the weather's intensity in highly concentrated or vastly extended areas.

There are 4 main factors of Meteorokinesis:

  • Air Manipulation: For wind and related-effects
  • Electricity Manipulation: The power to generate and control electricity, such as thunder or lightning.
  • Thermal Manipulation: Can make something cold or hot.
  • Water Manipulation: Allows the user to control water, snow, fog, floods, etc.

Users of Meteorokinesis

  1. Thor Odinson (through Mjolnir/God of Thunder)
  2. Ororo Munroe (Mutant of Weather control)
  3. Crystalia Amaquelin (Inhuman of Classical Element Manipulation)
  4. Jane Foster (as Thunderstrike and through Mjolnir).