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New Year's Resolution

"New Year's Resolution"
Director: Tim Eldred — Writer: Danielle Wolff — Aired: December 3, 2017 — File:Icon-Image.png    File:Icon-Video.png    [[The Return|◄]]    [[The Eye of Agamotto, Part 1|►]]

New Year's Resolution is the 14th episode of fourth season of the series of Avengers Assemble: Secret Wars.


Past and present collide on New Year's Eve as Howard Stark and Peggy Carter are suddenly brought to the present from 1949. They team up with Iron Man and Captain America to save the time stream from Kang the Conqueror who seeks to eliminate Howard Stark or Tony Stark to ensure that his enemy Iron Man 2020 doesn't exist. At the same time, it was discovered that Doctor Faustus was brought along for the ride as Howard and Peggy had him locked in their trunk after apprehending him.


Note #1: Hayley Atwell reprises her role of Peggy Carter from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Note #2: Despite airing during Season 4, the timeline of this episode takes place during Season 3.

Note #3: Even when this episode is focusing the Leaders Captain America and Iron Man, other Avengers like Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Falcon and more didn't appear.

Appearing in "New Years Resolution"[]

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  • Maria Stark (Mentioned)
  • Hydra (Mentioned)
  • Phantom Riders


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