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The Panther Habit is a vibranium-woven catsuit worn by the Black Panther who is the ruler and protector of Wakanda. For many generations, the rulers of Wakanda will wear the suit when they come of age and given the mantle of 'Black Panther.' Currently, it is worn by T'Challa.



Energy Pulse
  • Superhuman Durability: Because Vibranium is an indestructible metal that can absorb kinetic energy, it grants the Black Panther durability from any attack.
  • Vibranium Claws: T'Challa gets sharp vibranium claws that can slash and cut through any material, as well as vibranium.
  • Ear Microphones: To be added
  • Sound Nullification: While wearing the Panther Habit, it has sound nullification abilities. Sound nullification is the power to negate sound and ignore its effects, such as supersonic waves of sound.
  • Communication System: T'Challa gets a communication system that allows him to communicate with Shuri or his allies, even on faraway missions.
  • Hidden Blades: Aside from his claws, there are also hidden blades that can cut through alien metal like a tin can.
  • Camouflage: the Panther habit allows the wearer to have camouflage ability. This is proven when T'Challa changes his suit from black to white to blend it with smoke or from regular black to blend in with the darkness.
  • Suit Materialization:
  • Suit Regeneration:
  • Diving Mode: During underwater missions, the suit can generate flippers and a scuba system so that the Black Panther can dive down.
  • Hologram H.U.D.:
  • Hacking: Due to the advanced technology inside the suit, it can hack through the most impossible tech systems easily.
  • Energy Redistribution:
  • Kinetic Energy Purse:
  • Kinetic Energy Absorption:
  • Forcefield Generator: It can generate a force field that will protect T'Challa from incoming attacks.
  • Electricity Manipulation: T'Challa can control electricity via the suit and can generate electroshocks to take down his opponents.



Any episode that features Black Panther is likely to also feature the suit.



  • The suit in Seasons 3 to 4 is modeled after the suit used in Captain America: Civil War, while the suit in season 5 is modeled after the new suit in Black Panther (2018).
  • It's modeled after the fabled Black Panther.
  • In the comics, T'Challa sports a black cape to go along with this suit.