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Pre-Play System 1

Pre-Play in Motion

The Stark Pre-Play Program was one of Iron Man's most vital tools. Developed by Stark himself, this program is essentially both him and the Avengers Playbook. holds an nearly infinite range of battle tactics and strategies for him to use in battle. The Program, along with a dormant upload of J.A.R.V.I.S. was located deep inside Iron Man's armor but was recently unearthed by MODOK and is now used by the Iron Skull as the Cabal's own Playbook.


First: the program scans the environment & the opposition while it alongside it inserts a wide-range of possible tactics to use. Then, it calculates the probability of success. And then implements a proper response and then a following-up course of action. 


Stark used this in his Mark 49 Armor until it along with the armor itself was stolen. The Skull truculently uses it for his Cabal. 

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