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The Project Redwing, or The Falcon Armor is the project which created an experimental aerodynamic suit of nanomesh armor utilized by Falcon.


When Sam Wilson got Stark's message, he proceeded to the armory where J.A.R.V.I.S. suggests him to the War Machine Armor but he refuses, preferring to use the experimental armor instead.


  • Redwing: A golden jetpack attached to Falcon's back that creates his wings and grants him his main powers.
    • Flight: The suit's main capability is to fly at incredible speeds using hard-light holographic wings.
      • Wing Projectiles: The suit's primary offensives are hyper-charged projectiles discharges from the wing's ends. Uses for it include:
        • Explosives: can generate explosive charges.
        • Bladed: can be solidified to cut through inorganic matter.
        • Impact: can generate action-reaction pulses.
    • Flash Grenades: To be added
  • Heads Up-Display: generates updating HUD that shows real-time data that includes medical data, wind draft, power levels, comm, etc.
    • Sonic Navigation: The armor uses sonic and vibrational energy to create a natural navigation system.
  • Energy Shield Projectors: To be added
  • Sonic Blasts: The armor is able to generate massive sound waves powerful enough to immobilize Venom-possessed monsters.



Season 1[]

  1. The Avengers Protocol, Part 1 (First Appearance)
  2. The Avengers Protocol, Part 2
  3. Ghost of a Chance
  4. The Serpent of Doom
  5. Blood Feud
  6. Super-Adaptoid (episode)
  7. Hyperion (episode)
  8. Molecule Kid
  9. Depth Charge
  10. The Doomstroyer
  11. Hulked Out Heroes
  12. Avengers: Impossible
  13. In Deep
  14. Hulk's Day Out
  15. Planet Doom
  16. Bring on the Bad Guys
  17. Savages
  18. Mojo World (episode)
  19. The Ambassador
  20. All-Father's Day
  21. By the Numbers
  22. Guardians and Space Knights
  23. One Little Thing
  24. Crime and Circuses
  25. Exodus
  26. The Final Showdown

Season 2[]

  1. The Arsenal
  2. Thanos Rising
  3. Valhalla Can Wait
  4. Ghosts of the Past
  5. Beneath the Surface
  6. Nighthawk (episode)
  7. The Age of Tony Stark
  8. Head to Head
  9. The Dark Avengers
  10. Back to the Learning Hall
  11. Downgraded
  12. Widow's Run
  13. Thanos Triumphant
  14. Crack in the System
  15. Avengers Disassembled
  16. Small Time Heroes
  17. Secret Avengers (episode)
  18. The Ultron Outbreak
  19. The New Guy
  20. Terminal Velocity
  21. Spectrums
  22. Midgard Crisis
  23. Avengers' Last Stand
  24. Avengers Underground
  25. New Frontiers
  26. Avengers World

Season 3: Ultron Revolution[]

Season 4: Secret Wars[]

Version 3[]

After being stranded in the future, Falcon had to create a new armor from the available technology, resulting in a battlesuit that was more militaristic than his old one. Instead of holographic wings, the new wings are made of retractable metal blades, and his wrist guards have blasters similar to the gauntlets used by Black Widow.



  • The Version 3 resembles of the MCU Counterpart of his actor Anthony Mackie.