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Santa Claus
Jolnir Santa Claus
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Mr. Claus
Jolly Old Saint Nick
Kris Kringle
Lord Jolnir

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Ms. Claus (wife)


Rocket Sleigh

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God of Christmas



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Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight

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Steven Blum

Jolnir, also known as Santa Claus, is a Frost Giant/Elf hybrid with immense magical power who hails from the realm of Alfheim. Rather than use his power to rule, Jolnir used it instead to bring joy to the children of the Nine Realms, giving them gifts, particularly to Midgard (Earth). Jolnir's antics became a blessed time for the people of the Realms, and they celebrated his merry-making ways as a holiday, which came to be known by humans as Christmas. As well, Jolnir gained a new name from the children of Earth, Santa Claus.

He appeared in the TV movie Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Frost Fight, as the main focus of the story.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman Strength: Santa's strength is like higher than the likes of Thor.
  • Superhuman Durability: His durability that might equal or slightly surpass that of Thor's durability.
  • Immortality: As a Frost Giant/Elf hybrid, Santa is unable to die by age and is resistant to diseases and toxins.
  • Ice Magic: His Frost Giant side allows for him to have control over the forces of cold, snow, winter or ice. Through practice he has absolute control over such a power.
  • Healing: Santa's physiology allows for him to heal any being of their illness, injury, infection, intoxication, and disorder. This act of "rejuvenation" is often dubbed as a "Christmas Miracle".
  • Space-Time Manipulation: Through his immense magical powers, he was able to slow down time to such a degree that time was almost halted. This is how he was able to deliver children of all the Nine Realms their presents in one night. He was even able to use such a power to teleport himself from one realm to another.
  • Pure Heart: Though not indirectly a power, but despite Jolnir's immense powers which could allow him to achieve "Godhood" in a sense, he dedicated his existence to bringing joy to other beings of the realms. This extreme amount of humility is what makes him the most loved being in all of the Nine Realms. He didn't not even show or feel the slightest amount of anger even after Loki stole his power.
    • Happiness Inducement: Though not indirectly a power, but bringing Happiness to all of the beings of the Nine Realms is Jolnir's main purpose in life and sometimes requires the use of some form of magic to work.


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