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The Scientist Supreme or the Supreme-Adaptoid is the leader of A.I.M (Advanced Idea Mechanics) and the creator of the Super-Adaptoids.


A.I.M. built three new green Super-Adaptoids which are made of weird space-age tech liquid metal. The three Super-Adaptoids are capable of merging into a single entity around the Scientist Supreme, which is known as the Supreme Adaptoid. The Supreme Adaptoid is capable of temporarily splitting off two Super-Adaptoids as a whole or partially.

After the Avengers were able to defeat the Scientist Supreme, the remnants of Ultron's previous body suddenly rose from the ground, and he absorbed the Scientist Supreme's Supreme-Adaptoid suit as well as the A.I.M. Scientist Supreme himself.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • Genius-Level Intellect: He is the top scientist of A.I.M., thereby highlighting his genius, intuitive & innovative capacities. He was able to enhance the Super-Adaptoid into a Supreme Adaptoid.
  • Resources: As the head of A.I.M., he has all of A.I.M.'s vast finances, advanced technologies & resources, at his disposal.



  • Scientist Supreme's Suit:
  • A.I.M. Supreme-Adaptoid Suit: When he merged with the Supreme Adaptoid, he gained all of its powers, which he combined with his advanced intelligence.
    • Advanced Durability: As with the previous Adaptoid body, this version of the Adaptoid appears to be nigh-indestructible, able to withstand blows from Hulk and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. However, this may be due to the fact that it is liquid metal, instead of solid metal.
    • Reformation Systems: He has the Adaptoid's a type of reformative regeneration system. This was seen when he was combating the Avengers & how every time the Adaptoid attains damage, the damaged pieces on the floor magnetically return to the main body & reconstruct that damaged area. Every time it creates duplicates of itself, those duplicates also return & reconstruct the Adaptoid's lost mass & size.
    • Self-Duplication: It can release duplicates of itself to further increase its combat performance. These duplicates can also be absorbed back into a single being.
    • Advanced Strength: The Adaptoid had the strength of a calm Hulk & Thor combined. He was able to hurt Hulk without effort. His strength was further increased when the Adaptoid's merged together, likely because of the increase in mass & size.
    • Mimicry/Adaption Systems: It had the unique ability to mimic the powers, attributes, physical characteristics, vocal patterns, fingerprints, fighting styles, weapons, mannerisms, bone structure, and other things of those he wishes. He can copy the persons or things power by the being being in close proximity to him...
      • Limited Metamorphosis: It can create a Bow & Arrow, Thor's Hammer & Captain America's Shield from its body to use in combat. It was even able to grow out extra hands & Falcon's wing harness for combating the Avengers.
      • Electricity Generation: While he is using an imitation of Mjolnir, he produces electrical blasts.
      • Energy Blasts: When he is using Black Widow's stingers, he shoots energy bullets.
      • Projectile Generation: Through mimicking Hawkeye's arrows, he gained the ability to shoot out all of Hawkeye's variety of arrows.
      • Repulsor Blasts: It also fires a beam similar to Iron Man's repulsors that was able to knock Thor, Iron Man & Hulk back several feet.
      • Flight: It was capable of flight like Iron Man & had a wing harness similarly to Falcon.
      • Combat Perception: Unlike the previous Adaptoid, which was preprogrammed with combat skills, this one learns, adapts, experiments & counter's combat abilities on the fly.


  • Energy Blasters:



Season Two[]

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