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Season Two is the second season of the Avengers Assemble TV series.

Season 2[]

On July 26, 2014, the series was renewed for a second season; The first half of the second season deals with the team facing Thanos, as he competes with them to obtain the Infinity Stones, followed by a five-episode arc detailing the return of Ultron, who plans to exterminate the human race. The rest of the season details the arrival of the Squadron Supreme and their confrontation with the Avengers. The last two episodes detail the escape of Thanos by the Black Order and their attack on Earth.


Red Skull, an old enemy of the Avengers, steals the Power Stone from his master Thanos, who plans to use it and the rest of the Infinity Gems to rule the universe, but is shot down onto Earth by his forces. The Avengers confront Thanos on the Moon and Iron-Man uses a gift his father left for him, Arsenal, to destroy the Power Gem and blast Thanos across the universe. Loki disguises himself as a reporter and teleports Thor and Hulk to Valhalla, where he tricks them to fight under Hela's watch while he invades the Earth. Thor and Hulk manage to return to Valhalla and trick Hela into taking Loki to Valhalla. Before the Avengers can retrieve critical information about the Infinity Gems from Red Skull, he is kidnapped by the Winter Soldier. Captain America learns he is his old partner Bucky Barnes who the Red Skull had brainwashed into becoming an assassin, and fails to redeem him before saving Skull. The Avengers aid Lady Zartra in stopping Attuma from gaining the Serpent Crown and controlling the beast Giganto. The leader of Hyperion's old team Squadron Supreme Nighthawk infiltrates SHIELD and uses Falcon's former contingency plans to defeat the Avengers before offering Falcon to join him. Falcon refuses, defeats Nighthawk and saves his teammates. The Avengers discover the Time Gem but it attaches itself to Iron-Man's heart, turning him into a teenager and bringing over prehistoric dinosaurs. The Avengers manage to defeat the dinosaurs and restore Iron-Man to normal but Red Skull regains his sanity and escapes. M.O.D.O.K. retrieves the Mind Gem and uses it to take control of SHIELD and swap the Avengers' minds with each other. The Avengers manage to work together, defeat M.O.D.O.K. and take the Mind Gem. Nighthawk assembles the Squadron Supreme and finds the Reality Gem, using it to alter reality so the Squadron Supreme are the heroes and the Avengers are the villains. The Avengers manage to find their true selves again and use the Reality Gem to turn everything back to normal. Loki finds the Space Gem in Valhalla and uses it to return to Asgard and lure Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye there to undergo a series of trials. The Avengers manage to defeat Loki and take the Space Gem. When the Infinity Gems begin corrupting the Avengers, Black Widow and Thor keep it from the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. They seek help from Doctor Strange, but Dormammu and his Mindless Ones arrive. Black Widow uses the Gems to drive Dormammu and his forces away but Thanos arrives, reveals the Power Gem is still intact, and takes the rest of the Gems, completing his Infinity Gauntlet. He then builds a sanctuary in space where he is ambushed by the Avengers in a long battle. Eventually, Iron-Man reboots Arsenal, who defeats Thanos and takes him to Earth. However, Ultron abruptly arrives, possesses Arsenal and takes the Infinity Gems.

Rifts slowly form in the team after a confrontation with Ultron: Iron-Man, Thor and Hawkeye continue being Avengers while Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Falcon become the Secret Avengers. The Avengers defeat M.O.D.O.K. with the aid from Ant-Man while the Secret Avengers defeat Crimson Dynamo. Eventually, the two teams reunite again when Ultron unleashes a nano-tech virus on the world, and during a confrontation with Iron-Man in space Arsenal resurfaces and flies himself into the sun, destroying him, and Ultron. The Avengers reassemble and Ant-Man officially joining them

Ant-Man and Hawkeye defeat Red Skull and the Mindless Ones on Monster Island. The Squadron Supreme plot against the Avengers, but Doctor Spectrum reforms and joins SHIELD so an object known as the Power Prism creates an alternate version of him to join the team. They confront the Avengers who fake their deaths and go into hiding before conquering the world, but the Avengers launch surprise attacks on each individual members, eventually imprisoning all of them.

The Black Order free Thanos from his intergalactic prison and he attacks the homeworld of the Korbinites, prompting them to send a distress call to the Avengers. The Avengers manage to evacuate the populace but Thanos absorbs the planet's Quantum Force and becomes all-powerful before attacking the Earth. Despite Ant-Man shrinking the planet, he eventually locates it and defeats the Avengers. The public stand up to Thanos long enough for the countries of the world to create a weapon and fire it on the villain, disintegrating him.


  1. The Arsenal
  2. Thanos Rising
  3. Valhalla Can Wait
  4. Ghosts of the Past
  5. Beneath the Surface
  6. Nighthawk (episode)
  7. The Age of Tony Stark
  8. Head to Head
  9. The Dark Avengers
  10. Back to the Learning Hall
  11. Downgraded
  12. Widow's Run
  13. Thanos Triumphant
  14. Crack in the System
  15. Avengers Disassembled
  16. Small Time Heroes
  17. Secret Avengers (episode)
  18. The Ultron Outbreak
  19. The New Guy
  20. Terminal Velocity
  21. Spectrums
  22. Midgard Crisis
  23. Avengers' Last Stand
  24. Avengers Underground
  25. New Frontiers
  26. Avengers World


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Infinity Stones arc[]

Ultron Outbreak arc[]

Squadron Supreme arc[]

Avengers World arc[]

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  • Much like Ultimate Spider-Man, the character designs for this season have become a little more streamlined, defiant and less rounded than in the previous season.