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The Shadow Council is a group of enemies of the Black Panther led by Erik Killmonger


Believed to have been destroyed long before T'Challa and Shuri's time, the Shadow Council has been secretly revived behind the scenes by various supervillains with the aim of global conquest. Tiger Shark acted as the point man for the masterminds behind the secretive cabal until his reckless battle with the Avengers in New York ended with him being denied an extraction. Tiger Shark was locked up in Atlantis by the Atlantean soldiers on Attuma's side until their elite member N'Jadaka activated bombs to destroy Atlantis while he and Tiger Shark got away. In the episode "The Panther and the Wolf," N'Jadaka attempted to sway White Wolf to the Shadow Council's side which ended with a list of the Wakandans that are on the Shadow Council's side being secretly stolen by White Wolf. This caused the Shadow Council to send M'Baku after White Wolf only to be defeated by Black Panther, Shuri, and White Wolf. In the episode "The Zemo Sanction," it was revealed that Heinrich Zemo was the leader of the Shadow Council back in the 1940s. In the "Mists of Attilan" King Black Bolt and Queen Medusa reveal that T'Challa's grandfather, King Azuri, made a bid to keep pieces of an ancient relic out of the councils hands, making a pact with the Inhumans in order to keep one piece safe from them, a history which was brought up when council agent Princess Zanda had infiltrated the royal family to steal it. Azuri even went spelunking for artifacts of his own culture & kingdom in order to keep another of the pieces safe, hiding history within history using the long lost Wakandan ship called Yemandi's Cutter in "Mask of the Panther," where Whitney Frost is welcomed as a member of the Shadow Council as Madame Mask after commandeering it.


Formerly Members[]


Season 5: Black Panther's Quest[]

  1. Shadow of Atlantis: Part 1 (first appearance)
  2. Shadow of Atlantis: Part 2
  3. Into the Deep
  4. The Panther and the Wolf
  5. The Zemo Sanction
  6. Mists of Attilan
  7. T'Challa Royale
  8. The Night Has Wings
  9. Mask of the Panther
  10. The Good Son
  11. The Lost Temple
  12. Descent of the Shadow
  13. The Last Avenger
  14. The Vibranium Curtain: Part 1
  15. The Vibranium Curtain: Part 2
  16. T'Chanda
  17. Yemandi
  18. Bashenga
  19. King Breaker: Part 1
  20. King Breaker: Part 2
  21. Widowmaker
  22. Atlantis Attacks
  23. House of M (last appearance)




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