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Skully, aka Skullbot 627, is a Red Skull Sleeper agent robot. Originally it was a caretaker for Red Skull, but he soon became Vision's pet.


Skully first appeared in the episode "The Sleeper Awakens" disguised as Captain America, at the New Avengers Mansion. Vision saw through this disguise and attacked him, revealing his real face. After using a HYDRA communications device found on the Skullbot, they tracked it to an unmapped island.

During the voyage, Vision reactivated the robot and added behavioral limiters, as he was programed to be just like Red Skull. During this time, it is also revealed that Vision activated him to be his pet, inspired by Ant-Man's pet hive of ants. Over time Skully began to appreciate Vision's meaning but showed little to no response of it.

Upon finding Red Skull, he reveals that HYDRA created a new AI, Skullnet, to control his robots. However it became so selfaware, it decided to imprison Red Skull and take over the world itself. Using Skullbot 627, Red Skull sent out a message to the Avengers, explaining why Skully was sent to their front door. After Skullnet's destruction the HYDRA leader reveals an assortment of giant Robots to take over Paris, France. Reluctantly, Skully reveals that its arm and leg joints are its weak point. Infuriated, Red Skull demanded why Skullbot 627 revealed this information. Skully reveals it's because Vision gave him a choice, Red Skull didn't.

Skully ultimately sacrifices himself to stop the EMP created by the remains of the robots, which would have destroyed every electrical device on the country.