• Hawkeye in his Cycle
  • Cap in his Cycle

The Sky-Cycle is a flying motrocycle used as a form of personal aerial transportation for any non-flying Avengers (specifically Captain AmericaBlack Widow, and Hawkeye.)  


The Sky-Cycle was originally built only for Hawkeye by S.H.I.E.L.D., but then Iron Man created multiple new Cycles with new Stark Tech in order to be used by any of the Avengers. It can fly/hover at incredible speeds and has onboard communications and scanner tech through wireless transmissions via the Avengers ID Cards


Main Capabilities

  • Flight/Hovering
  • Communications 
  • ​Onboard GPS

Defensive Capabilites

  • Scanning Systems
  • Onboard Weapons and Gear Storage

Offensive Capabilities 

Currently unknown