Speed Demon
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James Sanders

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Squadron Supreme

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Jason Spisak

Speed Demon was a member of the Squadron Supreme.



Speed Demon was an alien superhero from a distant world where they where team of heroes similar to the Avengers called the Squadron Supreme. The people of their world feared their power and turned against them. As a final solution Hyperion destroys his home planet along with his team on it, escaping into space in his Citadel.


After Nighthawks battle with the Avengers the Squadron Supreme are revealed to be alive and well. They make plans to defeat the Avengers and conquer the Earth.

The Dark Avengers

Using the Reality Gem, Doctor Spectrum alters reality so the Avengers are all criminals with darker costumes and the Avengers Tower is headquarters of the Squadron. Due to a spike in energy, Iron Man sees the real reality and manages to convince his team to come together. However Spectrum has created a machine that will give him complete control over reality, and plans to alter history so the Avengers were never born. Captain is able to get a hold of the stone and revert reality back to normal. The Squadron leaves with Nighthawk activating charges placed at the base of Avengers tower. The Avengers manage to prevent the structure from falling onto New York in time for J.A.R.V.I.S. to activate the repair systems.

Terminal Velocity

The Squadron Supreme's fastest member Speed Demon is on the loose and wreaking havoc throughout Avengers Tower. Hulk must save the day by fighting the high velocity villain.

Midgard Crisis

Thor is convinced that Power Princess wants to defect from Squadron Supreme, but Hulk knows better and must protect Thor from Power Princess's duplicitous ways.

Avengers' Second To Last Stand

The Avengers are challenged by the fully formed and incredibly powerful Squadron Supreme for a battle that will end with only one team as the victor.

Avengers Underground

After believing to have beaten the Avengers, each member of the Squadron took a part of the Earth where they wouldn't see each other. The Avengers later resurface, and take each member down one at a time. Speed Demon was put in a large containment field, where the Hulk gladly beat him up for what happened in Terminal Velocity. It was mentioned that Speed Demon and the rest of the captured Squadron was sent to the Vault.

Powers, Equipment & Skills

  • Superhuman Speed: He is able to channel the electrical force into his cellular structure, thereby increasing his movement speed, reaction times, mental processing speeds, thinking speeds & metabolic speed to an extremely potent level and he can go fast even supersonic speed
    • Superhuman Reflexes: He can instantly dodge / react to attacks. He even talks very fast.
    • Charged Attacks: Using his speed, he can charge the strength & potency of his physical attacks to actually mimic superhuman strength. This makes him able to hit hard enough to send the Hulk flying through multiple walls at his peak.
    • Superhuman Stamina: He never seems to tire from hours of continuous exertion, despite him having a rapid metabolism.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: His super-speed has also affected his metabolism, which in turns increases his natural healing speed. Unlike the Hulk, Hyperion, Nighthawk, Super-Adaptoid or the Super Soldier Serum's various hosts, it is not an actual healing factor, but is entirely based on an accelerated metabolism & hence is not entirely reliable as superficial legions will not heal. It also extends his longevity to a greater degree.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: He has shown martial artistic skills while combating & teasing the Hulk in Terminal Velocity.
  • Acrobatics: He has shown to be quite agile in combat. This acrobatic prowess, combined with his advanced super-speed, allows him to perform complex acrobatic feats at high speeds.
  • Speed Belt: His belt is able to provide his physiology with speed enhancing electricity which, charges up his physiology to allow him to enhance his speed. With it, he is able to move faster than the normal speed of time, allowing him to move, think, act, perceive and react in less than milliseconds or less, while the world around him appears frozen in time or in slow motion, the event of which he calls Speed Time.
    • Speed Charging: He even gained a new ability to accelerate anyone's natural movement speed & time, even charge beings or himself with limitless speed energy. He was able to turn the Hulk into a gamma bomb by causing the radiation inside him to become extremely unstable. While he was trying to fast forward Hulk to the end of his life, he instead gave Hulk temporary super speed and built up the gamma inside him to emit from him in an explosive energy wave.


Background information

  • Speed Demon was based on DC's The Flash.
  • He was a reformed villain in the comics and is currently called Whizzer and was a member of the Squadron Sinister.
  • Speed Demon's voice actor Jason Spisak has already portrayed his inspiration Wally West/ Flash in Young Justice and JLA Adventures Trapped in Time.