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A team of Super-Adaptoids was created by A.I.M.. They first appeared in Adapting to Change.


The three where created by the Scientist Supreme.

They fight the Avengers each other the first one fights Iron Man, Captain America, the second one fights Black Widow, Hulk and Thor, the third one fights Hawkeye and Falcon.

During the fight all of them merged with the creator and formed the Supreme Adaptoid, the Avengers where no match for him until iron man found a weakness (which was to attack the Adaptoid when they weren't merged with the creator).

After they defeated the Adaptoids, a broken Ultron emerged from the ground and absorbed the head of A.I.M.





Powers and Abilities[]

  • Mimicry/Adaption Systems: It had the unique ability mimic the powers, attributes, physical characteristics, vocal patterns, fingerprints, fighting styles, weapons, mannerisms, bone structure, and other things of those he wishes. He can copy the persons or things power by seeing and scanning the subject if the subject is within 10 feet. He has acquired a variety of abilities from such an ability, such as;
  • Limited Metamorphosis: As a side-effect os its regeneration abilities and adaption abilities, its physiology had altered itself to be a little more malleable at times. This allows it to avoid attacks.
  • Lightning Generation: Through mimicking Thor's powers, he gained the ability to control lightning.
  • Flight: Through mimicking Falcon's powers, he gained wing harnesses which he used in combat and flight.
  • Increased Advanced Strength: Through mimicking Hulk's powers, he gained further enhanced strength, only up to a calm Hulk's limits.
  • Projectile Generation: Through mimicking Hawkeye's arrows, he gained the ability to shoot out all of Hawkeye's variety of arrows.
  • Repulsor Blasts: Through mimicking Iron Man's powers, he gained the ability to shoot energy beams from his chest and bare hands.



They are the same appearances as the Original Adaptoid, but with a green color.


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