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The Super Soldier Serum is a chemical solution originally developed by German scientist Abraham Erskine during World War II. The serum was formulated to enhance the human body and mind and was utilized by the United States Armed Forces during World War II in order to create the world's most advanced soldiers.

History Variants and Properties[]

20th Century Variants[]

The original strain of the Super Soldier Serum is known to enhance physical attributes based on the subject's key personality traits. Once injected into a subject's bloodstream, it "heals" the subject to full health and gives the subject extraordinary muscular power, a muscular physique, and advanced resilience to fatigue, pain, infections, intoxication, and physical and mental trauma. It also enhances the host's reaction, thinking, and movement speed, as well as grants the host an increase in intelligence and a far more efficient metabolism. Lastly, the subject gains the ability to heal at an accelerated rate and slows the aging process to border immortality, however, regeneration of amputated limbs is unlikely. The variant also gives special powers based on the host's personality. An example would be how the Herr Johann Schmidt's mutated appearance is a reflection of his desire to be removed from the human race as well as his evil nature, thus turning him into the Red Skull. Another example would be how Steve Rogers desire to be a protector of freedom and the weak made him physically and mentally evolve beyond the maximum human limits, thus turning him into Captain America. Bucky Barnes' subconscious will to protect Steve Rogers at all costs gave him the durability and healing ability to survive a fall down the Swiss Alps, even though he lost his left arm. However, due to the brainwashing done by HYDRA, he became the Winter Soldier.

A variant of the super-soldier serum was designed by Heinrich Zemo, showing near-identical enhancements to Erskine's formula and allowing Baron Zemo to gain enhanced strength, agility, stamina, intelligence, and healing factors that are on par with or slightly beyond Captain America's capabilities. This serum may also provide powers based on key personality traits, as Baron Helmut Zemo's desires to become youthful were granted as he de-aged a man in his 30's within several moments.

21st Century Variants[]

A new Super Soldier Serum developed by top-level S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists, Walter and Amanda Cage, causes unusually different reactions in its host. Once injected or drunken, the serum instantly allows rapid development of a muscular frame and enhanced health in its host. All the powers the host gains are superior to the likes of Nick Fury, Captain America, Red Skull, or even Winter Soldier's enhanced natural strength and cybernetically enhanced strength. The user's strength increased dramatically, enough to break down hard metal walls, and the user also has enhanced stamina. The user also gains impervious skin and a highly durable physiological system. Should the subject's physiology receive any damage, the host has an accelerated healing factor that can heal the extensively damaged areas of the physiology within the space of a few hours or less. This healing and regeneration can also be responsible for their prolonged lifespan. This variant does not make physical enhancements based on key personality traits.

Baron Helmut Zemo also created his own variant of the serum, which was capable of turning normal humans into feral-minded abominations with superhuman muscle mass, adrenaline, stamina, strength, and endurance.


Season 1[]

It was mentioned by Black Widow, who suggests that Iron Man scan the Red Skull's location by tracing his blood.

Dracula wanted to drink Captain America's super-soldier-enhanced blood, believing that it would remove his vulnerability to sunlight.

Season 3[]

Baron Helmut Zemo, an old man in his 80's, tries to recover the lost super soldier serum, which is said to give physical abilities which are superior to Captain America's physical abilities. He "hypnotizes" Captain America into retracing his footsteps to The Zemo Castle, which houses a secret lab where the superior super soldier serum was present. Baron Helmut Zemo used his variant of the super soldier serum to turn two of his subordinates into Hulk-sized abominations.

After Captain America stumbled upon the secret lab, Baron Helmut Zemo injected himself his father's super soldier serum. The super soldier serum's properties de-aged Baron Helmut Zemo into a man in his prime, gave him a more youthful and muscular physique, as well as enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and healing factor, all slightly superior to Captain America's abilities.


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Season 3[]



  • It gets mentioned by Red Skull while in Captain America's body.