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The Ambassador

"The Ambassador"
Director: Jeff Allen — Writer: Man of Action, Kevin Burke, and Chris "Doc" Wyatt — Aired: March 16, 2014 — File:Icon-Image.png    File:Icon-Video.png    [[Mojo World (episode)|◄]]    [[All-Father's Day|►]]

The Ambassador is the 19th episode of the first season of Avengers Assemble and the 19th episode of the overall series.


The Avengers put their lives at risk to protect none other than Doctor Doom (at the time when he is speaking at the United Nations) from the Cabal (due to Doctor Doom not taking Red Skull's offer to join them). But is that all that Doctor Doom needs?


Action starts with a strike in front of the United Nations organization's establishment. Avengers are called to protect one of their enemies, Doctor Doom. He is now a prisoner, having somehow mysteriously and weirdly regained diplomatic immunity. His only concern is the attack of Red Skull.

During UNO meeting Doom gives a speech. As he speaks suddenly Hyperion attacks wanting just one thing - to kill him. While the rest is taking care of the evil Alien, Captain America and Doctor Doom are trying to run away. They don't manage to go far because on the escape path appears Super-Adaptoid. This time Hulk comes to the rescue.

Everyone is surprised by how loyal Captain turns out to be even though they are enemies. He, on the other hand, understands the need to fight for his land. That is why he is so relentless.

Captain and Doom now have a new destination which is Stark Tower. They meet all of the Red Skull's allies. With Captain America's friends they are able to run from Attuma and Dracula. They get out of the tunnels where Red Skull himself is awaiting them.

The fight is brought to the streets of New York. Here, Doctor Doom throws himself in front of Skull's missile to cover Captain. This makes his armor run out of the energy necessary to live. Steve manages to carry Doom to the Stark Tower. There, Doom shows his true face.

He explains how his plan works and boasts about how everything has gone as planned. He knocks down Captain and takes control over Stark's properties. When Avengers get there, Doom is long gone.

In Latveria, he wants to see what he would be able to steal from Tony's files when suddenly Captain, Iron Man and the rest of the team show up on the screen. They shoot down the whole system in his country as a goodbye gift.

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  • Doctor Doom lost his immunity again for violating international law, because he stole Stark's property when he fled back to Latveria.
  • This was the last episode to feature Doctor Doom.