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Thunderbolts Revealed

"Thunderbolts Revealed"
Director: Tim Eldred — Writer: Kevin Shinick — Aired: April 17, 2016 — File:Icon-Image.png    File:Icon-Video.png    [[The Thunderbolts|◄]]    [[Into The Dark Dimension|►]]

"Thunderbolts Revealed" is the 6th episode of Season 3: Ultron Revolution.


Ulysses Klaue was in the middle of a Vibranium heist until he ended up fighting the Avengers and the Thunderbolts. While fleeing from them, Klaw runs into Citizen V who was the one who secretly hired him to steal the Vibranium. Upon being defeated, Citizen V places a device on Klaw's unconscious body and some on the Vibranium containers. Later on, the device goes off, which merges Klaw with the Vibranium turning him into a Vibranium version of himself. It took the Avengers and the Thunderbolts to defeat him. Suspicious of the Thunderbolts, Hawkeye finds out that they were the Masters of Evil and gets detected. Luckily for him, the Avengers showed up, resulting in a fight between the two groups. After being saved from death by Hawkeye during the robbery and seeing what it's like to be a hero, Songbird convinces the rest of the team to turn on Zemo. Together, the Avengers and Thunderbolts expose Zemo as Citizen V, which leads to Zemo combining with the energies of Klaw to become an energy monster. Thanks to a strategy from Captain America and Songbird, the Thunderbolts were able to defeat the energy monster. While also stating that they might not have seen the last of Baron Zemo, Captain America advises to the other Thunderbolts members that they should turn themselves in and that they will become official heroes when they get out.

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  • Ulysses Klaue's appearance was altered to resemble his Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie appearance.