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The Time Stone is one of the five Infinity Stones and gives the owner total control over time.


The Time Gem was found to have traveled into the future when the stones were scattered. Iron Man calculates the time and place of its arrival, and the Avengers come to retrieve it, only for it to be lodged into Iron Man's arc reactor. Throughout the episode, the Time Gem sends out pulses that pull enemies into the present including dinosaurs and robots while steadily regressing Tony into a child. Only at the end of the episode does Iron Kid manage to control the gem's power, reverting everything back to normal, and allowing them to safely store the gem.


The Time Stone allows the user total control over time, the past, present, and future. Its most basic ability grants its users visions of possible futures. It allows time travel, and control over the age of beings and also be used as a weapon by trapping enemies or entire worlds in unending loops of time. At its peak, when used with the other gems, it allows its user to simultaneously exist at all points in time.