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Uatu, the Watcher is an ancient godlike alien race that watch over the universe.


He makes a cameo in the episode "Hulk's Day Out", as a friend of the Hulk where they watch a baseball game from Uatu's lair. He makes a full appearance in season 2 episode titled "Thanos Rising" when Thanos arrives at his lair and throws Uatu towards Avengers Tower. During the fight against Thanos at the Blue Area of the Moon, Uatu allows the Avengers to use his lair to find out what they need to know about Thanos. When Hawkeye asks if Uatu would have a problem with it, Uatu quotes "I can only observe." In the episode "Avengers World," Uatu the Watcher watches the fight between the Avengers and the Black Order. When Thanos notices him, he tells Uatu to move as he starts absorbing energy from Uatu's computers.

Powers and abilities[]

As a member of the race of Watchers, Uatu possesses vast psionic abilities which have been further developed through training. These abilities include flight, telepathy, energy-manipulation powers, power-negating force-field projection, illusion casting, the ability to psionically alter his appearance at will, and highly advanced cosmic senses allowing him to be aware of countless events of Earth. His superhumanly complex intelligence enables him to monitor activities throughout Earth's solar system simultaneously. Uatu can convert his body into an unknown form of energy while still retaining his sentience for travel through hyperspace, and then return to his physical form. Bolstered by treatment with "delta-rays", Uatu possesses virtual immortality, although he can die by losing the will to live. He has shown he is able to transport himself and others through time,[38] and in one issue he claims he can send someone to Limbo.


Season 1[]

."Hulk's Day Out"

."Mojo World" (Cameo)

Season 2[]

."Thanos Rising"

."Avengers World"