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Rock Troll

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The Serpent of Doom

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Kevin Michael Richardson

Ulik is a member of the race of Rock Trolls.[1]


The Serpent of Doom

Ulik traveled to Midgard, using the Codgel he battled Thor and the Avengers in New York. The team took him down but in the process they lost the weapon, which ended up in the hands of Doctor Doom. Ulik was taken back to Avengers Tower where he was held in a specialized cell. Thor later returned to Ulik's cell to tell the troll that he would be taken to Asgard to Odin to decide his punishment.[1]

Avengers: Impossible

Ulik is among the villains summoned to Avengers Tower by Impossible Man in order to spice up his show on Falcon. Ulik ends up fighting Hulk until Impossible Man "scrubs the scene" by making the villains disappear.

A Friend in Need

Ulik also has a minor appearance in Avengers: Ultron Revolution. In the episode "A Friend in Need", Ulik's pounders are shown to be in Asgard's custody, and that Thor mentioned that it took a quarreling Balder and Tyr to help Thor take down Ulik. He is then shown trying to break out of his prison cell, managing to break out and reclaim his pounders then fights Thor until being taken down by the Vision.

Personality and traits

Powers and Abilities

Ulik possesses superhuman strength, stamina, and durability and has the ability to see into the infrared range of the spectrum, allowing complete night vision. In battle Ulik uses "pounders", metal bands forged from uru and worn over the hands like brass knuckles.


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Season 1

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Season 3: Ultron Revolution

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Season 4: Secret Wars

.411 "The Most Dangerous Hunt"


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