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Ultron was a self-aware, highly intelligent robot and an enemy of Ant-Man, Wasp, and the Avengers. He would serve as one of the main antagonists of Season 2, sharing the role with Thanos and the Squadron Supreme, and later as the overarching main antagonist of Season 3, even subtitled The Ultron Revolution.


Ultron is stated to be an artificial intelligence created by both Hank Pym and Tony Stark in the past, likely for global defense purposes to either be applied to the US Military or even to be a new member of The Avengers. However, Ultron would later become self-aware and turn rogue, developing a hatred of mankind and the desire to either conquer or destroy them. Building himself a powerful robotic body, he would clash with the Avengers on a few prior occasions before his body was destroyed and he was left an errant digital entity wandering radio waves, ever yearning to return for revenge against the Avengers and to resume his campaign against humanity.

Eventually, the opportunity for such would present itself when the Avengers found Arsenal, a powerful defense android created by Howard Stark to be a friend and caretaker to Tony. Arsenal would possess the ability to absorb and neutralize volatile energies, including that of nuclear weapons and the Infinity Stones. He would eventually be destroyed during the Avengers' first encounter with the alien warlord Thanos, who sought to obtain all six Infinity Stones for his weapon The Infinity Gauntlet, hoping to wield their immense power over fundamental forces of the Universe making him a cosmically-empowered supreme being who could wreak havoc and conquer all of creation at his leisure.

Eventually when Thanos returned, obtaining all of the Stones despite Black Widow's and Doctor Strange's attempts to prevent Dormammu, the Cabal, and the enthralled Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy from coming to blows to obtain and abuse their power themselves, The Avengers would once more combat Thanos above the Earth in a grueling battle and narrowly defeat him when despite his immense power utilizing the Stones, Iron Man rebuilt Arsenal To absorb the Stones' power and removed the Gauntlet from Thanos' hand, to which The Avengers pummeled him into submission.

Having witnessed the entire ordeal, Ultron's consciousness then made his move by integrating with Arsenal's body, reformatting it into an upgraded version of his preferred body shape, and absorbed the Infinity Stones' power entirely, swiftly incapacitating The Avengers and departing, declaring they should prepare "for humanity's end".

Ultron later made a hostile takeover of A.I.M. Island, making it his temporary base, using the organization's technology to hack into Justin Hammer's resources and create an elaborate distraction for the Avengers utilizing his various weaponized android prototypes as a makeshift army. But thanks to Iron Man's arrogance, it took the Avengers longer to track the hostile androids back to Ultron himself, and Iron Man confronted Ultron in the heart of A.I.M. Island. Though Iron Man attempted to appeal to the Arsenal's dormant intelligence, Ultron consistently denied and mocked him. He insulted Iron Man by stating how disappointed Howard Stark would be of this failure, trapping Iron Man in wires. As Ultron was about to execute his enemy, the other Avengers managed to get past the island's defenses, and the android took on the Avengers six-on-one. He easily overpowered each member and would have destroyed the group had it not been for Tony Stark intervening with A malware program he intended to use to eradicate Ultron's intelligence. the Ultron Destroyer malware ultimately was not able to effectively destroy Ultron's invading intelligence, which the villainous robot used this opportunity to activate the self-destruct sequence on the island and escape.

Attacking a facility belonging to the Roxxon Corporation with the intent of using their robotics, Ultron possessed the Super-Adaptoid, and kept his voice and face hidden until the Avengers assaulted him. Ultron took advantage of the form he possessed, mixing the powers of the various Avengers together sans Spider-Man; he could not adapt to Spider-Man's spider-sense or organic webbing. Before he could destroy the Avengers with their own abilities, Captain America entered the fray, turning the tides. Believing Ultron was defeated after Spider-Man cocooned him in webbing, the Avengers attempted to destroy the ROXXON tech the android was after, only to find that there were only chemicals at that facility, no robotics. Ultron utilized the opportunity to free himself as Captain America signaled in several S.H.I.E.L.D.-affiliated Life-Model Decoys, which Ultron corrupted. He took the battle outside and mimicked the captain's voice to state that the LMDs had been turned into the Avengers and that they were hostile and should be destroyed. Spider-Man's tomfoolery allowed Nick Fury to see through the ruse, however, and Ultron abandoned the Super-Adaptoid to Arsenal's body at Avengers Tower. However, the Ultron that was present at the tower was yet another LMD, and Ultron Prime arrived to hack into Stark's systems. In the end, Ultron was defeated but had achieved a pyrrhic victory as the Avengers disbanded due to a lack of trust in the group.

Ultron later developed a nano-virus that could corrupt humans and technology alike with his own programming, creating "Ultron Sentries" out of them. Patient Zero of this "Ultron Outbreak" was Falcon, who continued to spread the nano-virus throughout the city. Although "FalcUltron" was eventually captured by Ant-Man, the virus had spread out so far as to encompass the entire city, leaving the other Avengers the only ones not corrupted. While the other Avengers began attacking the Ultron-Sentrized citizens, Ant-Man worked on a cure for Falcon, while Iron Man and Captain America tried to search for Ultron Prime. As it turned out, Ultron Prime was at Avengers Tower, sitting on a throne of trashed Iron Man armor as he activated the defenses to distract the two. He contacted Fury with the captain's voice once again, attempting to lure Fury to the tower and corrupt the Tri-Carrier. Thanks to an interception by Ant-Man, Fury was forewarned, but Ultron had already begun his assault. Captain America and Iron Man flew to the Tri-carrier and detached its space module as Ultron deactivated the tower defense systems. Sensing Iron Man's hand in this, he flew to the module and fought Iron Man, once again overpowering his enemy. However, Falcon's partial recovery meant that while still part of the Ultron collective, Falcon retained his own will. Using this loophole, Falcon sent all copies of Ultron's program back into Ultron Prime, and Iron Man flew Ultron Prime towards the sun in self-sacrifice. As they approached, Arsenal's original programming shone through and told Iron Man how proud he was to be a part of Howard's legacy. When Arsenal flew himself into the sun as his final act, Ultron Prime reactivated and screamed in agony and horror as his body was disintegrated by the Sun's heat.

This, however, would not be the end of Ultron. Somehow, A.I.M. was able to retrieve a piece of Ultron's body, and store it in their new underground base around the same time they were creating advanced Super-Adaptoids. After the Avengers were able to defeat the Scientist Supreme, the remnants of Ultron's previous body suddenly rose from the ground, and he absorbed the Scientist Supreme's Supreme-Adaptoid suit as well as the A.I.M. leader himself, updating his own systems and revamping his appearance to something more human, complete with moving eyes and mouth. Once the process was complete he declared, to the shock of the Avengers, that the "Ultron Revolution" had begun.

Ultron revolution ultron

Ultron's humanoid look.

The Avengers were quick to retaliate and began giving Ultron's newest form everything the group could throw at him; Ultron barely flinched at this, backhanding Hulk, and even using Captain America's shield to block Mjolnir. Uncharacteristically, Ultron began walking away from destroying the Avengers, stating he had more important matters to attend to. However, their continued interference forced his hand, and he fired a beam from his mouth into the air that hacked his enemies' tech and gave him an opening to fire another beam to destroy them; Thor responded by lodging Mjolnir in Ultron's mouth and summoning his hammer closer to him, but Ultron simply widened his mouth to allow the beam to hit Thor. Iron Man responded by releasing a wave that freed the Avengers from Ultron's control, and Hulk's assault on Ultron gave Hawkeye the appropriate moment to fire an EMP arrow at his head, inadvertently disabling everyone else's weaponry. Adapting to the attack, Ultron tossed Hulk aside and began his retreat, and Iron Man flew up into the air alongside him, ejecting himself from his suit, which latched itself onto Ultron's body while Hulk caught Stark. It caused a massive explosion in the air, but everyone heavily doubted that meant the end of Ultron. Despite Black Widow's disbelief, it took Tony a week to try and find Ultron before Ultron himself made the first move; he created the "Ultimates", Adaptoid duplicates of Black Widow, Hawkeye, Falcon, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, while combining various Iron Man armor parts. Ultron's "Ultimates" were formidable, able to mimic the Avengers' fighting styles with unparalleled ease. Miraculously, the Avengers thought of attacking using unorthodox methods, something Ultron could not take into account, which threw him off. After the Ultimates were destroyed, the Iron Man hodgepodge was all that was left, and it was taken apart easily. Before the destruction of his temporary vessel, Ultron began a philosophical tangent on how the Avengers would always fail due to their imperfection; Tony and Cap rebutted that those imperfections made them superior to Ultron's Ultimates. Mere moments before his defeat, Ultron declared that he would upgrade once more.

Ultron destroyer

Ultron possessing the Destroyer.

A Friend in Need[]

Vision ends up taken over by Ultron until Vision fights his control enough for Ultron to take control of the Destroyer Armor. When Ultron in the Destroyer Armor arrives on Earth, Vision must help the Avengers defeat Ultron.

Civil War, Part 4: Avengers Revolution[]

Ultron attacks New York, and all the Avengers (new and old) go to stop him. Ultron uses all the Inhumans to attack the humans of Earth so that only he and his robot army will be left. The Avengers go to regroup at Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. Ant-Man and Iron Man have a way to disable the registration disks, and some of the other Avengers go to fight Ultron, while the others go with Iron Man and Ant-Man. Ant-Man and Iron Man are quickly working on a solution, but not before they are found by the Inhumans. They send the others to fight them while they work. Iron Man and Ant-Man find a solution and test it on Inferno, and it works. Everything seems to be going well until Ultron orders his sentries to destroy all life on Earth. Ultron than transfers his consciousnesses into Klaw's vibranium armor in Wakanda.

The Avengers attack Ultron and fail to stop him. Ultron then goes to destroy humans when the Avengers go to battle him. They then crash the Avenjet into Ultron. Vision then reverses the ray Ultron was going to use to destroy the humans and it hits Ultron. Ultron then moves over his consciousnesses to Iron Man's Armor and his mind. Just as the Avengers are about to destroy Ultron and Tony, Doctor Strange shows up and creates a dimension where Ultron won't be able to come back. Tony and the original Avengers go into the dimension and Doctor Strange saves Tony. But he has to stay in the dimension so Ultron can't leave. The Avengers go back to Earth and leave Tony, but Falcon links the communication system to be inter-dimensional so that they can communicate with Tony.

During Season 4: Secret Wars, while Iron Man is eventually freed from the technological proof pocket dimension, it is unknown what became of Ultron's intelligence, whether he remains dormant within Tony's body or if he was expelled eventually and remained once again a disembodied digital entity forever imprisoned within the dimension.



Despite being an artificial intelligence, Ultron is shown to be surprisingly sadistic; clearly enjoying the idea of destroying the Avengers from the inside out, as shown when he pits Falcon against his teammates in The Ultron Outbreak.

Powers and Abilities[]


Robot Physiology: Originally, Ultron had a basic robotic body.

  • Viral Transferal: Ultron is like a virus in the internet, thus can use such a way to escape a nearly destroyed body in order to make himself virtually indestructible.
  • A.I.M. Supreme-Adaptoid Body: Thanks to absorbing the remnants of the A.I.M. Supreme-Adaptoid technology as well as the Scientist Supreme himself, Ultron gained a new form which appeared to be more powerful than his previous ones. However, it is considerably different from the Super-Adaptoid he previously took over, though some of its characteristics were possibly carried over from the original design. This new body is also the most "human" appearance Ultron has ever taken.
    • Advanced Durability: As with the previous Adaptoid body, this version of Ultron appears to be nigh-indestructible, able to withstand blows from Hulk and Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. He also walked off missiles from Iron Man.
    • Regeneration Systems: He has the Adaptoid's regeneration systems. This was seen when he absorbed only a small amount of the Adaptoid, and them managed to "regenerate" an entirely new body for himself within a few seconds.
    • Advanced Strength: Without having to use adaption systems, Ultron was powerful enough to simply backhand the Hulk; this may have been due to the fact that the Supreme Adaptoid mimicked the Hulk's strength, however.
    • Multi-Purpose Mouth Beam: Housed in Ultron's maw is a beam emitter that can serve several purposes.
    • Hacking Beam: It can fire a beam that transmits a virus that gives him control over any electronics surrounding him, such as Black Widow's Stingers, Falcon's Harness, Hawkeye's Quiver, and Iron Man's Armor.
    • Repulsor/Concussion Blasters: It also fires a beam similar to Iron Man's repulsors that was able to knock Thor back several feet.
    • Flight/Levitation: Ultron integrated thrusters into his new design, though thanks to his increase in mass, he is not as fast as his Arsenal body in terms of speed.
    • Technopathy: Ultron has the ability to read, receive, transmit and interact with technological information, as well as communicate and manipulate technology.
    • Technological Manipulation: Ultron can control the flow of intricate machinery and assemble or disengage its programming at will and operate most technology from a distance.
    • Anti-Gravity Technology: Ultron has antigravity technology that allows him to move and levitate objects akin to telekinesis.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: As an artificial intelligence, Ultron learns inhumanly quickly, and can download information and data directly into his mind. He is programmed with all aspects of engineering, robotics and nanotechnology. He is also a brilliant strategist, being able to create complex strategies and distractions easily. Since absorbing the Scientist Supreme, he has become far more "chatty", as Tony puts it, but retains his genius.

Former Powers[]

  • Altered Arsenal Android Body: After overtaking Arsenal, Ultron radically changed the appearance and abilities of the android body he inhabited, taking it on as his new visage.
    • Advanced Strength: Ultron was able to go toe-to-toe with Iron Man and successfully rip off pieces of his armor. He also had the ability to rip right through the ceiling of the Tri-carrier's Space Module with little effort.
    • Repulsor Blasts: Ultron was able to fire red beams from his triangular repulsor-like palms. He could also fire these blasts from his "mouth".
    • Flight: Ultron had thrusters built into the Arsenal android's feet, allowing him Iron Man-like flight capabilities. Compared to Iron Man himself, however, Ultron was able to move so quickly and sporadically that not even J.A.R.V.I.S. could keep up with him.
    • Assimilation: In this form, Ultron could absorb various technologies stolen from both Hammer and A.I.M., which presumably were the source of the "improvements" he made to the android.
    • Anatomical Reconfiguration: During the fight on A.I.M. Island, Ultron showcased various abilities to contort or even remove parts of his body. In particular, he was able to perform an arched backwards dodge from the Ultron destroyer by detaching his biceps and walking backwards, then using his wireless connection to bring Iron Man closer to him for further destruction. When Ultron's arm was dislocated, he was able to twist it back into its normal configuration with relative ease. Finally, when the Ultron destroyer failed, he was able to twist his limbs backwards in order for him to escape A.I.M. Island's destruction.
    • Teleportation: When Ultron took over the Destroyer, he gained the ability to teleport himself to different places in the universe almost instantaneously like Thor with his hammer Mjolnir.
  • Super-Adaptoid Body: Ultron used his powers to absorb the Super-Adaptoid into himself and therefore gain a new set of powers.
    • Regeneration Systems: The Super-Adaptoid's regeneration abilities are quite remarkable, as superficial legions and destruction of bodily parts "healed" almost instantaneously as it's legs had immediately regrown post amputation. It was already self-repairing at a quick pace when it crash on to earth and suffered massive damages and burns from the ozone layer. It has been seen that this technological creature is nearly-impossible to destroy or kill.
    • Advanced Strength: The Super-Adaptiod originally had the strength to overpower Iron Man, but after various adaptions, he gained the strength, equivalent to a calmed Hulk.
    • Advanced Durability: The Super-Adaptoid was extremely durable as it was able to take a massive amount of power blows before sustaining damages.
    • Self-Sustaining: The Super-Adaptoid is a self-sustaining machine and needs no form of recharge or sustenance for survival. The Super-Adaptoid is virtually tireless in combat situations.
    • Mimicry/Adaptation Systems: It had the unique ability mimic the powers, attributes, physical characteristics, vocal patterns, fingerprints, fighting styles, weapons, mannerisms, bone structure, and other things of those he wishes. He can copy the persons or things power by seeing and scanning the subject if the subject is within 10 feet. He has acquired a variety of abilities from such an ability, including:
    • Limited Metamorphosis: As a side-effect of its regeneration abilities and adaption abilities, its physiology had altered itself to be a little more malleable at times. This allows it to avoid attacks.
    • Lightning Generation: Through mimicking Thor's powers, he gained the ability to control lightning.
    • Flight: Through mimicking Falcon's powers, he gained wing harnesses which he used in combat and flight.
    • Increased Advanced Strength: Through mimicking Hulk's powers, he gained further enhanced strength, only up to a calm Hulk's limits.
    • Projectile Generation: Through mimicking Hawkeye's arrows, he gained the ability to shoot out all of Hawkeye's variety of arrows.
    • Repulsor Blasts: Through mimicking Iron Man's powers, he gained the ability to shoot energy beams from his chest and bare hands.



Season 2[]

Season 3: Ultron Revolution[]

Season 4: Secret Wars[]



  • Ultron's initial design in the second season is based on that of Ultron during the Annihilation: Conquest storyline, and his Iron Man form is uncannily similar to the multi-armed form he took in the comic Age of Ultron covers.
  • Ultron's appearances throughout the third season is based on that of Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron film
  • The Avengers (including Falcon) weren't curious on who Ultron was, highly suggesting that the group (sans Falcon) fought against him prior to the series.
  • Ultron returns as the main antagonist of season three titled Avengers: Ultron Revolution. He adopts his humanoid appearance from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having an articulated mouth with teeth, moving eyes, and shorter antennae, Official Promo!
  • Following his defeat in Season 3: Ultron Revolution, and Iron Man's eventual liberation from the anti-technology pocket dimension in Season 4: Secret Wars, it is unknown what became of Ultron as he is no longer shown to be inhabiting Tony's Arc Reactor and mind or even present in any capacity, with fans theorizing that either the Beyonder extracted him from Stark's body and armor and left him once more a disembodied digital entity that now remains imprisoned within the pocket dimension, or his programming still resides within the software of the reactor, but is currently deactivated and therefore no longer a threat.


In the comics, Ultron was originally created by Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant-Man. Ultron came to see humanity as an abomination that needed to be destroyed. One of the Avengers' oldest, persistent foes, Ultron has upgraded itself numerous times, with each configuration more powerful than the last.