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Under Siege

"Under Siege"
Director: Tim Eldred — Writer: Matt Wayne — Aired: April 3, 2016 — File:Icon-Image.png    File:Icon-Video.png    [[Saving Captain Rogers|◄]]    [[The Thunderbolts|►]]

"Under Siege" is the 4th episode of Season 3: Ultron Revolution for Avengers Assemble.


While the Avengers are investigating one of Baron Helmut Zemo's possible hideouts somewhere in South America, Hawkeye is left to defend Avengers Tower from Baron Helmut Zemo, who has taken the Masters of Evil members Beetle, Fixer, Goliath, Moonstone, and Screaming Mimi under his leadership.

Appearing in "Under Siege"[]

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  • Throughout the episode, Hawkeye is barefoot.
  • It is discovered that Goliath can grow to a larger size than usual, as seen when, in an attempt to avoid being captured by the Hulk, he grows to a size that exceeds that of the warehouse in which they were fighting, and at another time, while Hawkeye escapes from He and his team, Goliath grows to a size where not only are his arms long enough to reach the floor where Hawkeye was under, but his hands are also larger than Hawkeye's body.