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Wasp, also known as Hope Pym-Van Dyne, is a superhero with the ability to shrink and fly. She joined Black Panther's Avengers after the Leader and the Cabal kidnapped the original members.




Hope Pym is known for her determined and courageous personality. She is also rather snarky toward Scott Lang, but the two have become good friends, eventually becoming partners. Hope is also someone who likes to fight bad guys. When she, Hawkeye, Loki, and Vision went to Westland to get Doctor Strange, when some robots came to attack, Hope got her hero streak on and assembled the 3 Avengers with her.

Wasp is also someone who is open and friendly, as anyone is welcome to share their problems with her.

Powers and Abilities[]



  • Genius-Level Intelligence:
  • Expert Businesswoman:
  • Expert Martial Artist:
  • Master Acrobatic:
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant:




  • Wasp's Size-Alteration Suit:
    • Flight: Utilizing four artificial insect-like wings on the suit's upper back, the user can fly at impressive speeds and maneuver with great ease and agility. The wings can be compressed and hidden inside a backpack within seconds.
    • Insect Manipulation:
    • Size Manipulation: Like the Ant-Man Suit, Wasp's suit works by using the Pym Particles in the belt to reduce the distance between the user's atoms, making her smaller and compacting her body's physical structure to the point that she shrinks down to the size of an insect. Her strength and structural density are compacted as well, allowing her to gain superhuman strength and near-invulnerability when shrunk.
    • Size Addition: In addition to shrinking, Hope can also grow to enormous heights.
  • EMP Communication Device:
  • Shrinking Discs: Hope can use shrinking discs that would allow her to shrink any object to a small size, like a building.
  • Growing Discs: Her growing discs have the opposite ability of her shrinking ones: they are able to enlarge a small object.



  • Bio-Electrical "Wasp" Sting Gauntlets: Due to alterations by Ant-Man, Janet can harness her own body's bioenergy and project it as bright yellow blasts from her hands.
  • Glock 17: To be added


Season 4: Secret Wars[]



  • This version of Wasp is heavily based on its Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.